Propolis & Tea Tree Rescue Balm

Product highlights:

Ideal to keep in the medicine chest as a very effective and pure response for problem-prone skin of all kinds this soothing, skin rescue balm can assist with break-outs and a variety of skin problems. 100% organic Propolis, Tea Tree, Frankincense and Neem oils bring their renowned antibacterial benefits to our powerful formula suitable for both face and body areas in need of attention

By JJ Harrison ( - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, frankincense
Propolis Tea tree oil Frankincense

Skin types: for all skin types, including the most sensitive and prone to acne.

100% organic.

  • Rescue balm to support problem skin of all kinds, including prone to acne or break-outs and athletes foot. 100% organic and naturally powerful anti-bacterial formula for both face and body, suitable for sensitive skins.

    This product has been formulated with sensitive skins in mind, and with its unique, 100% organic, synthetic-free formula, is safe to use on skins of all ages. If in any doubt as to sensitivity, particularly to one of the ingredients, we recommend conducting a patch test for 24 hours on an area of healthy skin before applying to the appropriate area.

    Propolis is a viscous waxy resin, complex in composition, that bees produce from resinous particles of different trees which they mix with their salivary secretions and use in the construction, reparation and protection of the hive.

    The Greek origin of its name is in fact: Pro (before) – polis (city); the protector of the city.

    Hives are one of the most sterile natural places known to mankind which can explain why propolis has been widely used since ancient times to protect from infections.

    As all other ingredients we use our Propolis is 100% organic certified which also means that the beekeepers respect the hives and their vital cycles.

    Key benefits:
    • protects and repairs
    • soothes and hydrates

    Key features:
    • formulated by skin expert Dr Mariano Spiezia
    • oil-based, water-free formulas
    • high concentration of phytonutrients
    • all bio-active plant extracts produced in-house
    • 100% organic, free from synthetics and chemical fragrances

    Shelf-life of 28 months
    Certified organic by Soil Association and Cosmos
    Cruelty Free International
    We recommend storing in a cool, dry, dark place
    Vegetarian friendly


  • Apply and gently spread over the affected area.

  • 100% organic Oils:
    Olive oil – olea europaea – emollient, nourishing, antioxidant
    Coconut oil – cocos nucifera – moisturising, anti-bacterial
    Neem oil – melia azadirachta – anti-bacterial
    Castor oil – ricinus communis – emollient, soothing
    Evening primrose oil – oenothera biennis – anti-bacterial
    Rose hip oil – rosa rubiginosa – regenerative, antioxidant, restorative

    100% organic Plant extracts all produced in-house
    Propolis – propolis cera - anti-bacterial, antioxidant
    Marigold – calendula officinalis – anti-bacterial, cytophylactic
    Plantain – plantago major – astringent
    Beeswax – cera alba - : protective, emollient

    100% organic essential oils
    Lavender – lavandula angustifolia – anti-bacterial, vulnerary
    Tea tree - melaleuca alternifolia - antibacterial
    Frankincense – boswellia spp – antiseptic, astringent
    Lemon peel – citrus medica limonum – antiseptic, astringent
    Natural constituents of essential oils, so called allergens: Linalool, limonene, geraniol, citral.

  • The Bio Lipophilic Matrix®

    Every Inlight product features the Bio Lipophilic Matrix®. The culmination of years of research, and the ideal marriage of science and alchemy, the Bio Lipophilic Matrix® consists of a specific blend of pure organic, cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity to the lipidic human skin layer. These super concentrated oils are energized prior to production using a patented technique that harnesses the principle that all matter is alive (Quantum Mechanics) and uses ancient alchemy to heighten the oils’ vital force.

  • All matter is surrounded by its own vibrational energy, as we know from Quantum Physics. Each Inlight alchemic symbol is the visual expression of the product’s unique vibrational “dance” and helps fine-tune you with the product archetype, going beyond the obvious appearance.

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