Line Softener Intensive

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Product highlights:

The anti-ageing luxe edition of the classic Line Softener with four new botanical stars, all meticulously researched by Dr Spiezia to give an extra intense, luxurious caress to the skin. Clinically proven to cleverly smooth the passage of time reducing lines and wrinkles.

Clinical trial shows remarkable reduction of lines in just 28 days of daily use.

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Star ingredients: 

Try a sample of Inlight's 100% organic spirulina line softener intensive Try a sample of Inlight's 100% organic barely grass line softener intensive Try a sample of Inlight's 100% organic argan oil line softener intensive Try a sample of Inlight's 100% organic bitter cherry oil line softener intensive
Spirulina extract Barley Grass Argan oil Bitter Cherry oil


Skin types: for all skin types including the most sensitive. Ideal for mature and dry skin. 

100% organic

  • Working in perfect synergy with chlorophyll-rich spirulina and barley grass, both with powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant properties, argan and bitter cherry oils with their legendary capacity to mop up free radical damage, this product has been formulated to specifically nourish and stimulate the skin’s collagen production and regenerate deep lines revealing radiant, smoother skin.

    “Ageless beauty doesn’t have to be a complicated affair; but it can be a divine, luxurious ritual.” Dr Mariano Spiezia

    Line Softener Intensive: Summary of Clinical Trials Evic Laboratories (Rome, Italy):
    • a statistically significant increase in skin elasticity
    • a statistically significant decrease in the surface, the length, the depth and the number of wrinkles

    Volunteers stated that:
    • it reduces wrinkles
    • it makes the skin more elastic
    • it makes the skin more moisturized
    • it makes the skin smoother
    • it makes the skin lighter

    They also enjoyed testing and using it because:
    • it has a pleasant texture - it is easy to apply
    • it is easily absorbed
    • it doesn’t leave the skin oily

    Key benefits:
    • proven results on lines and wrinkles
    • helps treat dark marks and blemishes
    • keeps the skin highly moisturised with a velvety feel

    Key features:
    • formulated by skin expert Dr Mariano Spiezia
    • oil-based, water-free formulas
    • high concentration of phytonutrients
    • all bio-active plant extracts produced in-house
    • 100% organic, free from synthetics and chemical fragrances

    Shelf-life of 28 months
    Certified organic by Soil Association and Cosmos
    Cruelty Free International
    We recommend storing in a cool, dry, dark place
    Vegetarian friendly


  • After cleansing the skin morning and night, using the little spatula provided, apply Inlight Line Softener onto laughter lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes and lips.

    Massage gently with the fingertips in a circular motion anti-clockwise to favour peripheral circulation and relax mimic muscles. Any excess can be removed with a cotton pad.

    Our products are oil-based and suitable for all skin types including oily. Oil-based products help to balance the skin sebum and avoid the overproduction of oil which can often be the result of over scrubbing and cleansing. Inlight products are easily absorbed without leaving any oily surplus, leaving your skin perfectly nourished, silky and radiant.

    Oil-based formula means a high concentration of active ingredients and a little is all you need for effective results.

  • 100% organic

    All bio-active plant extracts produced in-house


  • Simmondsia chinensis - jojoba oil - nourishing, emollient
    Macadamia integrifolia -macadamia oil - nourishing, antioxidant
    Olea europaea - olive oil -soothing, emollient
    Argania spinosa - argan oil - antioxidant, regenerative
    Helianthus annuus - sunflower oil - nourishing, antioxidant
    Cera alba - beeswax - protective, soothing
    Prunus cerasus - bitter cherry oil - regenerative, antioxidant
    Oenothera biennis - evening primrose oil - antioxidant, rich in Vitamin E
    Cocos nucifera - coconut oil - moisturising, nourishing
    Daucus carota sativa - carrot root extract - antioxidant, rich in beta-carotene
    Rosa damascena - rose extract - toning, astringent
    Lavandula angustifolia - lavender oil - anti-inflammatory, cytophylactic
    Calendula officinalis - marigold extract - anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning
    Rosa canina - rose hip extract - antioxidant
    Pelargonium graveolens - geranium oil - decongestant, anti-inflammatory
    Butyrospermum parkii - shea butter - promotes elasticity, nourishing
    Centella asiatica - hydrocotyl leaf extract - promotes elasticity, vasotonic
    Equisetum arvense - horsetail  extract - remineralising
    Plantago major - plantain extract - promotes tissue renewal
    Rosmarinus officinalis - rosemary extract - revitalising, stimulating
    Hordeum vulgare - barley extract - antioxidant, chlorophyll-rich
    Vaccinium myrtillus - bilberry extract - antioxidant
    Pogostemon cablin - patchouli oil - astringent, tonic
    Urtica dioica - nettle extract - purifying, remineralising
    Citrus medica limonum - lemon peel extract - astringent, toning
    Spirulina maxima - spirulina extract - antioxidant, chlorophyll-rich
    Linalool*, citronellol*, geraniol*, limonene*, citral*.

    *Natural constituent of essential oils.

    You might find tiny white granules of condensed shea butter in this product. This is a happy sign of the nature of our genuine raw ingredients and they will melt on application.

  • The Bio Lipophilic Matrix®

    Every Inlight product features the Bio Lipophilic Matrix®. The culmination of years of research, and the ideal marriage of science and alchemy, the Bio Lipophilic Matrix® consists of a specific blend of pure organic, cold-pressed plant oils carefully nurtured for their high biochemical affinity to the lipidic human skin layer. These super concentrated oils are energized prior to production using a patented technique that harnesses the principle that all matter is alive (Quantum Mechanics) and uses ancient alchemy to heighten the oils’ vital force. This enhanced blend of oils forms the basis of every Inlight product.

  • Radka, lawyer, Praha: INLIGHT holds in the situations when my skin could not take any other cosmetics

    Hi Andrea,
    a year ago and I got pimples all over my face. It was not acne  even though it  looked like. I was  told  by the doctor that it is hypersensitivity to makeup and creams and I was recommened not to use any cosmetics for about five weeks until it gets better. But my skin was so dry not using anything ment for me that my skin started to hurt by peel off. So I used at least organic coconut oil and still  looking for other options. When I found Inlight, I tried it. It was the first cosmetics that I could use. Thanks to Inlight my skin become to stabilize. But when I use makeup something else, or I visit McDonald's, I get again those pimples, but after a few days of using products Inlight my skin begins to improve. I am totally satisfied with cosmetics.

    Marketa, Litvinov, Czech republic: No more corticosteroids, INLIGHT helped me to improve my atopic exzema

    I am excited! Since I have an atopic eczema since childehood and thus very problematic skin, I used only ointments and creams recommended by a doctor, mainly based on corticosteroids to soothe the skin especially at the neck and face. When using other cosmetic products, my skinbegan to itch, blush, flake and I had to return to the prescribed creams.

    I got into my hands a 100% organic cosmetics Inlight and immediately after the first application (unbelievable !!) I had the skin softer and supple, without itching and redness. I use cosmetics until today and I do not use corticoid ointments since that time.

    (testimonial taken over with permission from, distributor of Inlight in the Czech republic and Slovakia)

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