Beauty Glove (available in 3 colors)

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A 100% organic, gentle exfoliating glove.

Our beauty gloves are soft yet slightly exfoliating and made from 100% organic cotton. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

  • Our beauty gloves are soft and wholesome, and will make you feel wonderful inside and out: Free from pesticides and toxic chemicals, they look great, feel fantastic, and are kind to the environment.

    For people with sensitive skin, by using products made with organic cotton, you are avoiding allergens present in synthetic products. Your choice to use organic also helps to improve the working conditions of those growing the cotton.

    At Inlight, we are committed to providing the finest quality products for you and the environment. Good for you, good for the planet. It’s that simple.

  • Rinse thoroughly after every use and allow the cloth to air dry naturally. After a few uses pop into a 30 degree wash to keep your beauty glove fresh and clean.

  • 100% organic cotton

    Non-organic cotton cultivation is responsible for almost a quarter of our planet’s insecticide use. It also uses more nasty chemicals than any other crop, which pollute our air and water, and can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

    Organic cotton is the healthy choice, for our skin and our planet. Eliminating toxic chemicals helps protect our water systems, air and soil, and the end result is material that is kind, gentle, and safe for your skin. Organic cotton is grown using techniques and methods that minimise environmental impact.

    Production is carried out in a way that replenishes and maintains the health and fertility of the soil, and promotes biologically diverse agriculture.


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