Introducing Butterbean

The Brown familly

Here at Hug Your Skin, we are committed to finding safe, organic skin products to improve and enhance your health and beauty. We are excited to add a new line to our company to bring you Butterbean, a mama-owned Florida business providing organic sun care and bug repellents. Summer Brown is a passionate entrepreneur and full-time mother who created the Butterbean line in an effort to provide safe, organic sunscreen for her own five children.

Summer’s heart fits right in here at Hug Your Skin, as she was distressed when she considered using products on her children’s tender skin that were laden with chemicals. Out of her mother’s love, she created the Butterbean line. The Butterbean line includes sunscreen products and bug repellents so you and your family can fully enjoy the great outdoors, while safely protecting your precious skin

Butterbean suncare and repellent products are created with the highest quality ingredients. Only steam distilled, chemical free essential oils are selected for these skin-loving products.

Mineral based sunscreens provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with Non-nano Zinc Oxide, tested to be a safe particle size for regular use. Their Non-whitening formula soothe and moisturize your hot tired skin with certified organic, fair trade shea butter and coconut oil. They also contain a touch of locally-sourced pure beeswax, to add a sweet protection for the skin.

Butterbean’s bug repellents are non-DEET, essential oil based products that protect the skin from insect bites without harsh, harmful chemicals.