The beginning

Skincare that works with nature at its heart

Inlight was born in 2006 from an enduring friendship and professional relationship between the Centre for Homeopathic Medicine in Naples (CeMON), and medical doctor, homeopath, herbalist and beauty guru Dr Mariano Spiezia, MD. Since founding the first 100% organic skincare range in the UK, Dr Spiezia with his wife Loredana have continued to play a significant role in organic beauty, both nationally and internationally.

Years of research, scientific knowledge and love for nature 
make Inlight one of a kind, with products that work on and with your skin for visible, lasting results. Beauty shines through a perfect synergy between our inner and outer selves. 
At once scientifically grounded and ethically sound, Inlight reflects a desire to promote beauty through the dynamic and therapeutic properties of plants and through vibrant health.

‘La Dolce Vita’

We believe in a luminous, head-turning, ‘ La Dolce Vita’ approach to beauty - beyond the reflection in your mirror: a vibrant, in love with life, organic beauty, built on the foundations of inner health, well-being and the ability to laugh and celebrate life. We adore glamour and allure too.


Our very name derives from our intention to encourage the natural beauty, the inner light, to blossom in each and every one of us.


Organic skincare where Science and Ancient Alchemy meet

Each unique Inlight formula has been expertly developed by Dr Spiezia and represents the perfect marriage of science and ancient alchemy. Our manual, artisan production and product development processes are led by Dr Spiezia himself and supported by a Team of expert biologists, homeopaths and pharmacists at the CeMON laboratories in Italy. 

Inlight is created in the beautiful Cornish countryside with passion and expertise for the beautiful you. Only nature respects the nature of your skin’, Dr M Spiezia MD



At Inlight, we take only the finest, ethically-sourced, natural, and organic ingredients and harness them at their most potent to create a gourmet, artisan, sublimely luxurious diet for your skin.