Our Secret: what makes Inlight skincare unique


Bio-lipophilic Matrix® is the term given to a specific blend of pure vegetable oils (cold pressed and organically certified) that are selected for their fine biochemical affinity on a lipid level with the human skin. Such oils are empowered using special techniques developed by Dr Spiezia, Inlight organic skincare's formulator, to give them a unique energy imprinting and "positive conditioning", as well as a high vibrational charge.

This mix has been developed to give back to the skin the essential natural elements it needs to be nourished and regenerated. It also aids the skin's biochemical, physiological and immunity process which in turn encourage the skin's exchanging, absorbing and detoxicating activities.

This Matrix® is naturally identified and accepted by the skin due to its similarity to the human sebum (the natural fat produced by the skin). This is possible because of the pure natural origin of ingredients and the energetic frequency of this blend (enriched with the afore-mentioned techniques). At the same time the Bio-lipophilic Matrix® gives out a particular energy input that triggers the skin to retune itself to the primordial essence of health and harmony.

The Bio-lipophilic Matrix® is the result of years of research, study and experimenting on the use of vegetable oils; the same oils that for centuries have accompanied mankind as an internal and external tool in the treatment and nourishment of the skin.

The oils, together with their chemical, physical and organoleptic traits have, according to Dr Spiezia’s research, the ability to retain a sort of "memory" relative to the environment, to their use and the "intentions" for their use. As a result it is possible to give these precious substances a unique imprinting which widens and fine-tunes their effects.

Several religious and popular traditions around the world still make use of oils on a therapeutic and sacred level. Oils are often used to soothe and cure the skin in blessing ceremonies or even to try and cure the sick.This is not all that surprising, considering that oils are a veritable treasure trove of precious substances, such as essential fatty acids or EFAs, which are vital for humans, as the body cannot synthesize them. One would therefore die if the diet lacked oils containing components like: ω-3 ω-6, mono-saturated acids, ceramides, enzymes, phospholipids, chlorophyll, minerals and vitamins such as the renowned antioxidant and rejuvenating Vitamin E. 

Keep an eye on our Expert Advice page for news and articles by Dr. Spiezia. Each Inlight skin product contains this concentrated mix which, no doubt, contributes to your untameable beauty!