Inlight values

Inlight 100% organic cosmetics values


To create the finest organic skincare products with love, passion and sound scientific principles that work in harmony with your skin and restore its own natural balance.


Inlight believes in an inner beauty stemming from vibrant health, and our aim is to reveal the inner light in each and every one of us through healthy, radiant skin.


A pure philosophy Inlight is a natural result of our deep ethical convictions and organic lifestyle. For Inlight, ethical skincare means acting with respect for our natural environment and its resources. Inlight is proud to display the BUAV accreditation to demonstrate that none of our products or their ingredients has ever been tested on animals.


Inlight's dedication to wellbeing doesn’t stop with the environment. Using Inlight organic skincare should be a sensuous, pampering, utterly life-enhancing experience. Many people say they feel a powerful sense of rejuvenation once they start using our products. While ingredients are chosen primarily for their ability to feed, cleanse and balance your skin, Inlight understands the importance of creating products that are a joy to discover and use. By pouring a mixture of scientific knowledge, ethical commitment and practical wisdom into little jars, Inlight draws on the potent power of nature while also helping to safeguard, nurture and protect it.

Inlight 100% organic cosmetics values


Unadulterated goodness As a way of life, organic is nothing new. Before modern farming techniques, it’s how we all used to live. Inlight ensures that every single thing we use to make Inlight organic skincare is completely organic. Inlight knows that nature is at its richest when it's allowed to grow unhindered by fertilisers,pesticides and GM contamination.


It can be confusing making sense of organic products, particularly when the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are so often interpreted in different ways. Inlight has chosen to make our standpoint clear by using only certified organic ingredients, with 100% accreditation from the Soil Association as a further guarantee of quality and integrity. Inlight trusts their uncompromising standards, and their ethical principles reflect our own. Inlight is also proud to be the very first UK skincare company accredited under the new European-wide standard, Cosmos, streamlining the various national standards under one umbrella.


Every choice is made with the wellbeing of our environment in mind, and these are some of the ways Inlight works to preserve our planet:


Beauty in balance

Dr Spiezia’s research has highlighted the fact that homeopathic treatment may be impeded by some of the synthetic chemicals found in conventional skincare, most of which can be absorbed into our system via the skin, and impair its state of health.

To read Dr Spiezia's full report on the homeopathic healing process, click here:


Traditional homeopathic practice states that no obstacle should be applied to the skin during treatment, in order to safeguard the skin’s eliminatory function, which is such a key feature in the centrifugal homeopathic healing process.

Gentle cleansing

Inlight organic skincare is different. It can enhance the healing process and support the body’s natural system of detoxification, of which the skin is the final frontier.
As some toxins are purged from the body during homeopathic treatment, they are expelled through the surface of the skin. The nourishing, food grade, organic ingredients in Inlight products, of close affinity with the skin's own composition, actively improve the health and proper functioning of the skin, allowing it to play its full part in the detoxification process.

Inlight products also contain nothing synthetic, nor anything natural - including mint, camphor and eucalyptus - that could antidote a homeopathic remedy.

Inlight products keep the skin functioning at its healthy best.

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