About us

Lucy’s story

Lucy from Hug Your SkinOriginally from Prague in the Czech Republic, I visited Florida for vacation many years ago and fell in love with this state. Prior to this, I had discovered the amazing European skincare company Inlight. I successfully partnered with Inlight as a distributor in Czech Republic and Slovakia for about 3 years. Then I sold my company in Czech republic and decided to set up a distributorship in Florida so I can introduce this luxurious line to the United States.

So how are these two passions connected?

The story began when I was studying at the University of Economics in Prague over 20 years ago. I had the opportunity to visit Florida where I was lucky enough to travel around, see the state, and meet interesting people. I knew then that I had fallen for this great country and would like to return to live. After completing my studies, I spent 12 years working for two separate companies in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

During this time, I was young and therefore had very little interest in cosmetics. I bought mainstream products and didn’t take a great deal of interest in their ingredients. However, this all changed when I gave birth to my beautiful son Max.

A fantastic, unforgettable day — as any new Mum will attest — it also changed my thinking forever. For this was when my passion for organic cosmetics and skincare treatments was also born.

Naturally, I wanted the best for my son, so I sought out ways to give him the best in organic skincare. I started to take an interest in the ingredients. Particularly those designed for children with sensitive skin. I read about how some are linked to cancer, others disrupt hormones and clog up pores. As a result of my research, I was determined not to use any of these harmful, petroleum-based chemicals on my son’s skin!

My passion for organic cosmetics had begun.

The search begins…

I started to search for a company that produced 100 percent organic skincare products. At first I could only locate items that offered natural or organic ingredients as a percentage of the rest of the product. Naturally I asked myself the question: “What does the rest contain?” As I was unable to find any products that satisfied my requirements and did not want to compromise the health of my son, I began the search. I traveled around Europe, visiting all the large organic fairs. I started my search in Germany.

I started to look for a quality product and asked myself two questions: What is inside the product? Is it safe for my child and myself?

At the fair, I looked for a product that was completely natural and 100 percent organic. After much investigating and sampling, I came across a small stand where Inlight had a display. I saw they advertised as 100 percent organic and was intrigued. They advised they were the only stand advertising 100 percent organic products, something I confirmed by spending the whole day walking through the massive fair, looking for similarly natural products. I found none.

I was given a test sample of foot and leg balm as I suffered from cracked heels. The results were amazing! The condition healed after just four days... After years of searching for a solution. The results stunned me, and our wonderful partnership had begun.

In collaboration with two friends I brought this stunning product into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We set up a company that offered Inlight organic products and we were able to capitalize on the demand for such high quality, natural skincare items.

After three years, I decided to sell my stake in the company as I’d had bigger ideas - to introduce Inlight into the United States, giving American people a chance to experience the benefits of this amazing holistic European skincare brand.

Why Inlight?

We found that people testing the effectiveness of this leading European skincare company had seen excellent results.

Why I became so passionate about healthy cosmetic products

Lucy Husarkova from Hug Your SkinSince the birth of my son, my life and values have changed. I researched into the dangers of the chemicals used in skincare. I read books by health professionals, followed chemical tests made by magazines for cosmetic products, read many articles, and cooperated with scientists on a professional level. I started to run educational presentations at various events in an attempt to make people aware about dangerous synthetic ingredients in cosmetics and their impact on health. I have also started to carry out my own cosmetic research about heavy metals and their impact on our health.

Interested in learning more? All my results including pictures of heavy metals in cosmetics and our bloodstream are summarized in a clear form in my report When You See Other Women With Beautiful, Radiant Skin, Do You Wonder How They Did It?".


The Hug your Skin vision

  1. To provide organic products of the highest quality. We ensure our products:
    1. Are certified organic. Have the highest possible share of certified organic ingredients (skincare products can be made with 100% organic ingredients as they do not contain water). For those cosmetic products containing water, like shampoos, we look for the highest possible share of organic ingredients.
    2. Focus on health. We do not compromise on our customers’ health, our most valuable asset.
    3. Are powerful. Are not inferior in any way to those that use chemical ingredients. Often these are just substituted because they are cheaper.
    4. Use eco-friendly packaging. We want to keep the whole production process eco-friendly and help to preserve our planet.
    5. Hug your skin. As nature intended!
  2. To help inform and educate people about the negative health impact of using chemicals in cosmetics and to draw attention to these harmful ingredients in conventional products. 
  3. To support the non-profit organization, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and to raise awareness about their fight to protect the health of consumers through the safer formulation of cosmetic products.