Protecting Our Planet

July 20, 2016

protecting our planet

Every choice is made with the wellbeing of our environment in mind, and these are some of the ways we work to preserve our planet:

  • Our packaging is all recycled (glass jars up to 98% recycled), recyclable or biodegradable, and we only use vegetable-based inks. Even our maize filler is GM free and will biodegrade over time.
  • Our stunning eco-glam boxes contain no extra insert, everything we want you to read is printed on the beautiful interior. Just open the glue-free box and enjoy reading!
  • Every new material is subject to intense scrutiny to ensure we make the best environmental choice.
  • Our use of plastic is minimal, and strictly where no realistic alternative exists. Where possible a recyclable plastic is selected (eg. our ointment labels).
  • We re-use packaging wherever possible.
  • Nothing is wasted, even our herb pizza, left at the end of a production cycle, is fed to the cows on Roskilly’s organic dairy farm where we have our workshop.
  • We recycle or compost all office waste, including print cartridges and tea bags.
  • We turn off electric appliances whenever possible.
  • We cycle to the office as often as possible.