You Wouldn’t Wrap A Diamond In a Newspaper, Would You? Sustainable Skincare Packaging for 100% Organic Skincare!

October 23, 2016 2 Comments

Sustainable packaging

Dr. Mariano Spiezia always wanted his luxurious organic skincare to be packaged in ecological packaging, but, in the most beautiful way. In 2001 Dr. Mariano Spiezia, an A & E Doctor from Sorrento in Italy, started a beauty revolution in UK by launching the first 100% organic skincare range, Spiezia Organic Care, handmade in Cornwall and certified by The Soil Association. Today, the organic beauty market is crowded with new brands, yet since 2006 Inlight products remain the consummate benchmark for organic excellence, purity and integrity.

In the middle of 2012, Dr. Spiezia and his wife, the most glamorous and stylish Loredana, knew they wanted to change the standard, rather stodgy packaging of the Inlight brand to something really special. They wanted it to be stylish and sensual, something that would show their passionate, romantic Italian heritage. It was time to change things- and they most certainly did.

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Sustainable Skincare in Elegant Packages

Inlight Organic Skincare Body Oil with Arnica Packaging

They searched for packaging that would showcase and highlight the incredible harmony of ingredients that go into each product- the Daily Face Oil, Line Softener and  Face Cleanser. It was equally important to the Spiezia’s that their packaging was ecological packaging and didn’t contribute to the global problem of waste and pollution.

They had such a longing to show everyone the beauty and fragrance of the extraordinary flowers and exceptional botanicals that make Inlight organic skincare so luxurious and powerful. 

Ecological Packaging with A Beautiful Look 

So the Spiezia’s started to research packaging companies. 

Loredana Spiezia expresses her views on environmentally friendly packaging. Packaging is important at Inlight, because we need to protect the precious, delicate, ingredients in our distinctive blue jars – and you wouldn’t wrap a diamond in newspaper, would you? Or in anything that wasn’t earth friendly too?” 

Inlight has been revolutionizing packaging for the 21st. century. 

Inlight has chosen a beautiful, clever and very sustainable packaging. Inlight boxes are constructed from a single piece of card, with all the information written on the inside – a brilliant innovation, which means Inlight no longer needs to produce a separate leaflet. The distinctive royal blue boxes carry gorgeous, vibrant illustrations of our precious plants and flowers – all very clever, and the card folds into a box without the need for any synthetic glue.

Inlight organic skincare packaging

Only vegetable based inks and water based varnishes are used. Inlight recycles every bit of the paper waste created during the packaging process, eliminating waste. 

As Loredana says, “…you wouldn’t wrap a diamond in newspaper, would you? Or in anything that wasn’t earth friendly too?” 

Don’t wait another minute to experience these 100% organic skin products in their extraordinary packaging. Order yours today! 

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Shatreka | Chic Stylez 360
Shatreka | Chic Stylez 360

October 31, 2016

I love the idea of wrapping your products in boxes that appropriate for shipping. Thanks for sharing.


October 30, 2016

That’s really cool! I like how all the information is inside. I didn’t really think about environmentally friendly packaging before but I really like this idea!


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