Why It’s Important to Use Organic Products For Babies Skin

June 08, 2017

Why It’s Important to Use Organic Products For Babies Skin

Do you use organic baby products for your little one? It only takes one gentle touch of a baby’s tender skin to know it is incredibly delicate and needs the very best care. Using organic baby products is not only the best way to keep that precious baby skin soft and nourished, but it can make a significant difference to your baby’s overall health.

Organic Baby Products Protect Tender Skin

To understand just why organic baby products are so vital, it helps to know a bit about the makeup of their skin. It’s easy to assume a baby’s skin is just like adult skin, but that simply is not true. Did you know that:your baby’s skin absorbs and loses moisture much easier and faster than adult skin? This happens because that silky precious baby skin is 20% to 30% thinner than adult skin, which makes it more fragile and less supple and strong than your skin. The new skin of an infant has not developed the barriers your skin has. That means everything you put on your little one’s skin is absorbed much more quickly into their bloodstream. This includes all of the chemicals in the popular over-the-counter baby products many parents use for their babies. When you consider the idea of those tiny little bodies absorbing all those heavy metals and chemicals, it’s enough to make you seriously consider something better. After all, who doesn’t want the safest, healthiest products for their little ones?

Inlight founder, Dr. Spiezia talks about the inner metabolism of a baby and how the chemicals in some products are known as endocrine disruptors. This means they act very similar to hormones the body makes naturally and interfere with the precise balance your baby’s metabolism needs to remain healthy. Petroleum based products, like the common petroleum jelly many parents use to protect a baby’s skin from diaper rash are actually very harmful. Not only do they clog pores, preventing a healthy oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange, but they also allow chemicals to leach into the tender skin very quickly. Avoid any products that use petroleum or other manmade chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) parabens, fragrance or formaldehyde  You can learn more about how harmful these chemicals are in our free report, “Why You Don’t Have Radiant Skin!” (and what you need to do about it).

Instead, Dr. Spiezia recommends using an organic vegetable oils to moisturize, along with herbal extracts or talc free powders.  Almond oils, olive oils and coconut oils are all safe to use on your baby’s skin- as well as on your own. Inlight’s Body Butter is an excellent organic baby product to keep your baby’s skin healthy and protected. Body Butter is also excellent for Mom  to use for reducing and improving the appearance of stretch marks. In fact, Body Butter has won the honor of being named Best Eco/Non-Toxic Product for Mums. Try this luxurious 100% organic formula today.

Organic Baby Products Include Mom’s Skin Too

Now that you understand more about the importance of using organic baby products for your little one’s skin, let's talk about why MOM needs to be careful about the skin care products she uses. When you are pregnant, your baby ingots and absorbs everything you do. So if you are using these harmful chemicals on your skin, baby is also internalizing all of those chemicals. But, this continues long past delivery, if you choose to breastfeed your baby. We know the incredible benefits of breastfeeding, but there can be dangers as well, if you are not careful about what you put on your own skin or in your body. Everything will be transferred to baby through the nourishing, life-giving milk  your body produces.

Breastfeeding can lead to sore, cracked nipples for Mom. Inlight has just what you need for this as well with our 100% organic Nyp & Baby Balm. Nyp & Baby Balm has a high concentration of calendula, which is a marigold extract, used as an antiseptic and helps protect cells and encourage their growth. Not only will the organic balm soothe and help heal your painful sore, cracked nipples, but it is also excellent for soothing diaper rash and promoting the healing of baby’s bottom.

Organic baby products really are the best way to care for your precious little one’s skin. Give the gift of organic skincare to yourself and your baby today with your purchase of Nyp & Baby Balm and our Body Butter now.

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