What is the Best Organic Skin Care Regimen For Fall/Winter Weather?

November 04, 2016 1 Comment

Inlight organic skincare regimen for fall and winter

Autumn has arrived and it’s time to think about the best organic skincare regimen for the colder months ahead. Wind, cold rain, cold air and even snow are all signs that the seasons are changing. Our skin is a protection for our entire body, so we need to make sure we are giving our complexion the best organic skincare possible. Ready to find out how?

In order to provide our skin with the best combination of nutrients and supplements to support our skin during this seasonal change, we need to understand some science. Physiology, chemistry and biology all play a part in the internal and external needs of our complexion.

Our bodies go through quite a transition this time of year, moving from all the fun busyness of summer into the quieter rest of wintertime. As our environment changes outside, our metabolism inside changes as well. This will affect our skin.

Have you been out enjoying the amazing beauty Mother Nature displays during the autumn season? The rich, natural changes of color, from brown to burgundy, green to yellow to ochre, from rust to orange, is so sensual and mesmerizing, isn’t it? We are so fortunate to be treated to this artistic display every fall. Take the time to be grateful for this colorful scenario that moves throughout the countryside.

Best Organic Skin Care Regimen For Fall Weather

The fall colors fall into the lower part of the iris’ spectrum. This represents a resting of light and a reduction in frequency of light. Isn’t it fascinating how this aligns with the season of winter, when energy is lower and nature reverts to a lack of color, symbolizing the introspective nature of the season.

Mother Nature pulls back her energy, pushes her roots deep into the ground and prepares for the coming drop in temperature. Psychologically, we are often tempted to curl up in front of a fire and simply “be” rather than always “doing” something.

Our bodies and our skin will show all of this change. Our bodily fluids slow down as our circulation withdraws from our outer layers in order to best support our internal organs. This is why our skin becomes paler and colder. Our skin is less oxygenated and it flakes easier because there is less fat on the outer layer, known as the hydrolipidic layer or more commonly, the epidermis.

The extreme temperatures and wind along with the increase of indoor heat and the metabolic changes inside our bodies cause our skin to dry out. Pollution increases this effect. Dry air produced by central heating damages our respiratory tract and continues to dry up our skin, leaving it dehydrated. This also increases the aging process. Central heating causes us to lose water through our skin through perspiration. We normally lose about 700 ml of internal water a day, but when the heat is on this amount increases.

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What Does The Best Organic Skin Care Look Like?  

We know we need plenty of hydrating liquids in the summer, don’t we? Iced water, iced green tea and lemon water are just a few favorite beverages to cools us down and keep our skin hydrated. In the cooler months, we still need plenty of fluids, but warm beverages are just the ticket. Try some favorites such as herbal teas and tisanes like cinnamon, ginger, clover pepper or vanilla. Or use the seasonal berries to make a tea, like bilberry, rosehip or cranberry.  These are all rich in vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants. Don’t forget yummy vegetable soups as well and even hot water with honey and lemon. 

A Recipe to Nourish Your Skin Organically 

Dr. Spiezia has a therapeutic recipe he gives to his patients to use, particularly during the colder months. Start with about 16 oz. of cold water and add the following organic ingredients:

  • a dried apricot 
  • fig or date
  • the skin of an unwaxed organic lemon 
  • an organic apple split in four parts (leave the seeds in) 
  • a clove bud 
  • half a stick of cinnamon 
  • a slice of ginger 

Cover, bring to the boil and then allow to steep for 15 minutes, then strain and drink, adding a bit of honey if required.

Hydrate From Inside and Outside In To Complement The Best Organic Skincare 

Don’t forget to add external hydration to your complexion for the best organic skincare routine. Using a humidifier or placing a bowl of water on the stove or the radiator adds moisture to dry winter air in the home and office. Add a few drops of organic, balsamic essential oil such as eucalyptus to help decongest your respiratory tract. 

For internal support, add supplements like algae to increase cellular metabolism and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E to your diet. Don’t forget Omega 3s and 6 Essential Fatty Acids in flaxseed or hemp seed oil as well. 

For essential skin care hydration, use a protective skincare regime that has more moisture and protection than your summertime routine. Oil-based products will help rebuild the outer protective layer of skin and will also reduce evaporation, which is healing to dry, parched skin. 

Best Organic Skin Care Regimen For Winter Weather

Your Best Organic Skincare Regimen Comes From Inlight

The Inlight Trio- Organic Inlight Face Cleanser, Organic Inlight Floral Face Tonic and Organic Inlight Line Softener is an excellent choice.

The Inlight Cleanser contains organic coconut oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil: (super-nutrients, rich in Vitamin E) and EFA, an amazing super food for dry and damaged skin. It also contains organic green tea extract and lemon peel extract (dermo-purifying, antioxidant), rosemary and ginger extracts (these stimulate the skin’s circulation and the detoxifying action), and cypress to tone the skin. Use the Inlight Cleanser before going to bed. Just massage a small amount into the face, leave it on for a few minutes. 

The Inlight Floral Face Tonic combines the purest organic floral waters- rose and cornflower (astringents), roman chamomile (anti-inflammatory), lavender (cytophilactic, stimulating cell regeneration). Soak an organic cotton pad in the tonic and gently wipe off the cleanser.

The Inlight Line Softener is an incredible addition to your cosmetic skin care routine. It has  jojoba and macadamia oil plus  shea butter and evening primrose oil . This amazing Line Softener moisturizes even the driest skin, no matter what age you are or what the weather is doing. It also contains calendula and plantain extracts, which are natural healing supplements for your skin. Then the horsetail and gotu kola extracts support the production of elastin, and finally, lemon, carrot and bilberry extracts supply powerful antioxidants. Apply just a small amount morning and evening. Massage it into the lines on your face gently until it is completely absorbed. 

This beauty regimen will leave your skin moisturized and hydrated. You will look radiant and vibrant all winter long.

Winter has never been so beautiful. 

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Javed Kassis
Javed Kassis

February 27, 2017

I loved these tips to maintain glowing skin in winters. The organic recipe is perfect for all skin types. I will prefer this remedy over applying chemicals suggested by the skin specialist. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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