What Is Holistic Skin Care?

May 16, 2017

What Is Holistic Skin Care?

There’s a lot of talk about holistic skin care making the rounds. Have you noticed? We sure have and it got us wondering? Do you find the different terms used in the language of living your life in a healthy and chemical free way? We’ve talked before about the differences between words like “natural” and “organic.” Today, let’s talk about holistic. What exactly is holistic skin care?

Is Holistic Skin Care Different From Organic Skin Care?

Holistic skin care INCLUDES organic skin care! Holistic skin care is part of a bigger package-living a holistic lifestyle. One key truth of a holistic worldview is when you make a conscious choice to start choosing the products you use in, on and for your body and home based on a bigger picture. You begin to think about any animals who may have been used in any way in the production or distribution of a product. You begin to think of the source of the materials- if they are natural, where are they grown? How are they processed? What are they fed?

As you find products created from plants rather than animals, you have new questions. You think of things like pesticides and fertilizers. You consider the human factor, when it comes to working the fields or harvesting plants. Are they paid fairly for their work? Does the human factor affect the quality of ingredients?

Organic ingredients - base of Inlight's holistiv skin care

Dr. Spiezia Embraces Holistic Skin Care Products

Inlight’s founder Dr. Mariano Spiezia, is dedicated to living a holistic lifestyle. He created Inlight organic skincare as a means to help women love their skin and enhance their beautiful lives. Every single ingredient in Inlight’s luxury skin care products is carefully chosen for its healing properties. Everything is grown organically and chosen to feed your skin with nutritious and luxurious extracts to give you that glowing complexion you desire. Read more about Dr. Spiezia and his heart for holistic skin care and lifestyle.

Dr. Spiezia fully endorses living your life connected to and communing with all that is in nature and embracing nature in all of your life. When we fully commit to a lifestyle that is concerned with our earth, with caring for it as it cares for us, we can lead a very healthy, satisfying life.

Inlight’s Organic Skin Care Routine is Holistic Skin Care With Love

Your holistic skin care routine is centered on quality, luxurious organic skin care products. Inlight is the finest organic skin care we have found. We have a simple, three step routine for easy, beautiful daily holistic skin care. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. Our incredible trio for this is our Face Cleanser, followed by our Floral Face Tonic and perfected with either the Daily Face Oil or the Line Softener for moisturizing.

Not only are you choosing the finest in quality ingredients and production care, you are choose a product infused with love and passion throughout every step of its creation. You are going to love how these luxurious oil blends work to feed your skin the nutrient it needs to look and feel softer, smoother and younger. Give your skin a hug and get yours now.

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