What Does Holistic Beauty Mean?

October 25, 2017

What Does Holistic Beauty Mean?

Hello, lovelies! Holistic beauty is a buzzword you hear a lot. Is holistic beauty just another trend like so many others that have come and gone. Here at Hug Your Skin we don’t think so.

Holistic beauty is much more than a catchphrase or a buzzword. It’s not a marketing ploy or a device to garner business. For us at Hug Your Skin, and all those at Inlight, holistic beauty means a  lot more than that. We believe holistic beauty requires 100% organic skin care.

Holistic beauty is much more than a catchphrase or a buzzword

That’s what Dr. Mariano Spiezia founded and develop Inlight skin care. It’s a big step in moving into authentic, holistic beauty.  Holistic beauty is the natural beauty that takes over when you live a holistic life.

Dr. Spiezia says when we are not well, or unhappy, or tired, our skin loses its transparency and energy. Our skin mirrors our life. When we feel happy, our skin glows. That’s because our “skin is a ‘live’ organ with  a deep connection to the tissue beneath, through the lymphatic and blood vessels, the metabolic exchanges, and also to the entire body. It expresses our energetic body connected with our surrounding energetic environment.” When we cleanse and detox the skin, we can “breathe better and irradiate subtle energetic waves coming from inside or perceive them when coming from outside,” says our founder, Dr. Spiezia.

What Is the Meaning of Holistic?

Holistic means to consider the wholeness and wellness of the body, mind and spirit as three separate but equal areas that make up our happiest, healthiest self. When we set aside time, routines, and budgets to include taking care of each part of our wholeness, we embrace what is important in life.

Is Holistic Beauty Therapy a Thing?

Is Holistic Beauty Therapy a Thing?

Holistic beauty is a thing! It’s what Inlight is all about. Dr Spiezia believes the need for healthy skin shows why we need organic products. He chooses ingredients that have similar sebum chemistry, perfectly in tune with our skin. Because of this similarity, the skin recognizes the ingredients used to create Inlight’s 100% organic skin care line It doesn’t upset our immune system with a predator alert. Because of this gentle introduction to the skin, the organics in the product absorb into the skin and help the epidermis stay moisturized, nourished, energetic and healthy.

What Is Holistic Beauty Therapy?

Holistic therapy and holistic treatment both point to creating wellness by keeping the mind, body and spirit all in tune and intact. Holistic beauty therapy refers to the products used for your beauty routine. Inlight skin care products are a foundational tool in holistic beauty therapy. Our products nourish and feed the skin with essences and minerals and vitamins that provide antioxidant, moisturizing, anti acne, treatment and more. Using the Inlight line of skin care will nourish your skin into a vital, vibrant part of your beauty and life.

Is It Holistic Treatment?

What Is Holistic Beauty Therapy?

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher,  used the term, holism. He defined holism as “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” which means we cannot understand the fullness of our parts unless they are in harmony together. This defines holistic therapy.

In the Western philosophy of medicine, or thinking we like to analyze everything to a fault. That flies in the face of holism. Treating the entire self, in relation to each other, is critical. That’s why skin care is so foundational. When you feed the skin, the body grows stronger to nourish all the other areas. Holism focuses on the connections between the mind, body and spirit. It prefers to avoid drugs and appreciates methods such as yoga, acupuncture and meditation.

As you consider holistic beauty therapy, look at Inlight’s Daily Face Cleanser, Floral Face Tonic and Daily Face OIl.. If you wear makeup, consider starting with our incredible Makeup Remover. We believe this daily routine is an excellent beginning to a holistic beauty treatment.

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