What Are Organic Foods For The Skin?

April 17, 2017

What Are Organic Foods For The Skin?

Here at Hug Your Skin, we talk a lot about organic foods for the skin. If you’re new here, this might sound a bit strange. Let me explain why feeding your skin with organic foods is the path to beauty, health and holistic living.

How Do I Know What Foods Are Healthy For My Skin?

Nothing is better than making sure you drink plenty of clean, spring water!

One of the first things to remember about foods for healthy skin is hydration,. Our bodies are made up of 60% (or more) water and that means we need to replenish that moisture on a regular basis to stay healthy. Nothing is better than making sure you drink plenty of clean, spring water to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

Another way to retain the moisture in our skin is to feed it with organic foods that promote hydration. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. It can be used in so many ways, from cooking to cosmetics. Many of our Inlight skincare products have coconut oil as a primary ingredient to help retain moisture. Our Inlight Foot and Leg Balm is one choice to help with dry, cracked feet. This luxurious cream is designed to help your feet and legs retain moisture and stay hydrated for hours. It is powerfully healing for dry, cracked skin.

Antioxidants are another important organic food for your skin. Antioxidants work hard to fight the free radicals, which help in the fight against cancer, wrinkles and more. Antioxidants are definitely a powerful organic food for healthy skin. Dr. Spiezia knows the importance of antioxidants and makes certain they are including in many of Inlight’s products. Inlight‘s Face Cleanser is a perfect example of how antioxidants are used to help fight against signs of aging. The sesame oil, green tea extract and evening primrose oil are all excellent antioxidants used in the Face Cleanser. Learn more about the anti-aging power of antioxidants and how they help you to feed your skin with organic food in our expert advice.

How Do I Use Organic Foods to Feed My Skin?

How Do I Use Organic Foods to Feed My Skin

One way to feed your skin organic nutrients to keep it regenerating itself and looking and feeling fabulous is to eat a diet right in organic vegetables and fruits, healthy grains, essential healthy fats and a limited amount of animal proteins. Eliminating things like processed foods, refined sugars and coffee are also steps to healthier skin. We’ve already mentioned the importance of plenty of clean, spring water to keep your body functioning at its best and keep your skin looking marvelous.

The other way to feed your skin with organic foods is to use Inlight skincare as part of your regular beauty routine. Your skin absorbs the powerful nutrients in our products and puts them to work immediately. By using organic skincare, you also eliminate the poisons and toxins in so many store-brand skincare products and cosmetics. Eliminating the damage is just as important as feeding your skin organically. 

To learn even more about how organic foods make your skin healthy, join our 100% Organic Skincare Club. You’ll continue to learn tips and tricks to help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful, just as nature intended. Knowledge is power - and putting knowledge about organic foods for your skin into practice is beauty.

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