Vegan Skin Care Routine to Nourish Your Skin

November 19, 2017

Vegan Skin Care Routine to Nourish Your Skin

Image used with permission from @livepurejenna

Vegan skin care can be a tricky topic. To be truly vegan, not only do you need to avoid products with any animal products in them, but you also want to make sure your products are not tested on animals in any way. You want cruelty-free products to make sure that no animals are affected in any way. Veganism is a lifestyle that does everything possible to avoid any animal exploitation in all areas of their life. One part of a vegan life is vegan skin care.

Vegan Skin Care Routine Starts With Your Diet

When you first begin eating a vegan diet, you may see an increase in some acne breakouts. (Heads up, we will be talking more about acne in an upcoming post!) When you give up meat, eggs and dairy, you may see an initial outbreak of worsening acne while your body detoxes and adjusts. To help with that, drink plenty of water and make sure you are using a healthy vegan skin care routine.

If you’re struggling with breakouts, boost up your protein and cut back on sugar and high-glycemic foods (Foods like cereal, white bread and even chips may be vegan, but they won’t do your skin much good!).

Vitamin B12 doesn’t naturally occur in a vegan diet and must be supplemented. Be careful not to OVER supplement, however. Zinc is another important supplement that can be difficult to absorb in a vegan diet. Make sure you take zinc with food, however, to avoid stomach upset. 

Creating A Vegan Skin Care Routine

Of course, InLight has some fabulous suggestions for your vegan skin care routine! All of InLight’s oil products (not the balms) are vegan friendly, so let’s look at our favorite skin care routine created by Dr.Spiezia.

Inlight fabulous suggestions for your vegan skin care routine

Start with our Make Up Remover. This fragrance free cleansing oil removes impurities whilst conditioning skin and lashes with daily use and is ideal for all skin types. This silky 100% organic oil removes even the most stubborn make-up such as waterproof mascara, without stripping or drying the skin. Use Floral Tonic to remove Make Up RemoverFloral tonic will cool, tone & refresh your skin as well as restore the pH balance. Finally, finish up with Inlight’s Face Oil to moisturize your skin. And we have also version for men - Face Oil for Men is specially formulated for the men in your life. This yummy face oil is perfect at keeping that rugged male skin protected and moisturized. It smells divine with both patchouli and orange and is also great aftershave.

Follow the simple instructions in this YouTube video for more on this skin care skin care routine. (We just replaced the Face Cleanser that contains beeswax with a vegan version – the Make Up Remover).

Be sure to give your entire body the benefit of vegan skin care with InLight’s Body Oil with Arnica. This luxurious oil moisturizes your skin and leaves it with a gorgeous sheen. If you want something with a little more skin firming action, then the Firm and Tone Oil is your pick. This oil is just what you’ve been waiting for to fight that water retention and cellulite and to regenerate your cells. 

InLight has one more vegan product we want you to know about. The Supreme Eye Serum is a vegan product. This premium serum was formulated after two years of research by Dr. Spiezia. It is made of premium oils, flowers and gemstones to bring an extraordinary treatment to that sensitive eye area. This serum is something unique and special. Each batch takes over two months to prepare. Learn more about anti-aging and other benefits of InLight’s jewels here. 

We salute you as you incorporate a vegan lifestyle. It can be a challenge, but the benefits are amazing. Here at Hug Your Skin, we are so proud to bring you InLight 100% organic skin care as a part of your vegan journey. 

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