Vanilla Infuses Inlight’s Organic Moisturizer With The Aroma of Love, Light and Health

December 19, 2016

Vanilla Infuses Inlight’s Organic Moisturizer With The Aroma of Love, Light and Health

Vanilla- isn’t it just one of the most wonderful aromas of all? Hmm, just the very scent of it brings a sense of comfort and joy, doesn’t it? Did you know vanilla also has health benefits to it? Read on to learn how the powerful benefits of vanilla can help your skin be it’s most luxuriously healthy.  

Vanilla In our Organic Skin Products is An Antioxidant For Your Health   

We talk a lot about antioxidants in Inlight’s organic skincare products. There is a good reason for this. Oxidation creates free radicals and free radicals harm our bodies in so many ways. Antioxidants eradicate those free radicals and stop them from causing those nasty fine lines and wrinkles, repairs damage already done and can prevent infections and even cancers. Talk about powerful!  

Vanilla Is an Antidepressant- and More Joy Is Good For Your Health 

Vanilla acts as an antidepressant- could that be because it reminds us of baking cookies? Regardless of why, this oh so joyous byproduct of vanilla will help you FEEL beautiful, which always helps you look beautiful. As our mood lifts, we are more inclined to eat healthy and move more, both of which contribute to the healthy glow of our skin. 

Even More Health Benefits From Pure Organic Vanilla 

Did you know vanilla is an aphrodisiac? Not only does it make you feel comfy and happy, it can even help with intimacy problems, including impotence and loss of libido. Pure vanilla stimulates the secretion of testosterone and estrogen, which can help boost things in the romance department. 

Vanilla acts as an anticarcinogenic. This is primarily due to the antioxidant properties of reducing free radicals. This helps curb the growth of cancer cells and can help in prevention of the disease. 

Pure Organic Vanilla infused organic skincare Inlight from Hug Your Skin

Vanilla also helps fight infections and works to reduce fevers. It helps fight inflammation throughout the body. It even helps us relax 

With all these incredible health benefits for your beautiful skin and the rest of your body, it is easy to see why Inlight chooses to infuse vanilla into its Daily Face Oil and other products. It is important to always remember these benefits come from pure organic vanilla, not from artificial vanillas. Always trust pure, organic ingredients. 

Inlight’s Organic Daily Face Oil is Infused with Vanilla! 

Dr. Spezia specifically chose to use pure and organic vanilla pods in this moisturizing daily oil. Vanilla blends beautifully with the rose buds and mallow oil to make this product full and rich, with aromatic properties as well as health benefits. Use daily to moisturize your skin, especially during these cold winter months.  

Inlight’s Daily Oil is also a great aftershave for both men and women. It will soothe your skin and keep it protected from the pollutants of everyday life. You owe it to your skin, your nose, your beauty and your health to add this amazing power of vanilla to your daily routine.

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