There’s Real Science at The Root of Organic Skin Care

February 23, 2017

There’s Real Science at The Root of Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care starts with some real science! One of the things that sets Inlight organic skincare products apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that there are scientific processes that go into the production- and the results- of our skincare. Let’s talk a bit about one of these processes and how it makes Inlight skincare so special.

The term is: Bio-lipophilic Matrix. It refers to a unique and specific mix of certain cold-pressed, organic vegetable oils that have a special ability to work with the lipid levels of human skin. Lipids are the fatty acids in our skin and they provide softness, plumpness and moisture to our skin. Because the oils chosen for Inlight organic skincare products are chosen to interact at the highest levels with the lipids, your skin receives the greatest benefit from them!

How The Bio-lipophilic Matrix Works in Organic Skincare

How The Bio-lipophilic Matrix Works in Organic Skincare

Our skin can identify and readily absorb the Bio-lipophilic Matrix because it is so similar to our own sebum, the natural fat that releases oils in our skin. Because the mixture is pure and natural, it has a frequency that connects with our own skin. This energetic process then triggers the skin to rejuvenate and restore itself to perfect natural health.

This powerful Matrix is backed with years of study and research, scientific experimentation giving way to the end result. These oils have been used for organic skincare for centuries as well as also being used for additional external and internal healthy, detoxifying measures.

Dr. Spiezia, Inlight’s founder and formulator, teaches us that the unique properties of these oils give them a type of memory, which allows them to retain the environmental effects and also absorb intentions for good health. This energetic process gives these substances the ability to imprint memories and fine-tune their powerful effects on our skin. 

The Power of Natural Oils In Organic Skincare

In our article Natural Oils versus Creams in Skin Care we explain, that using oil to clean your skin is actually better than using cleansers that contain water. Purifying water and preparing it for use in skincare products can add preservatives and toxins. Inlight’s organic skincare products do not contain any water. The oils actually work with the skin to remove toxins and provide natural healing to the skin. Nothing is better for your skin than the power of organic essential oils.

Whether your skin is dry or oily, young or mature, Inlight’s products bring back the fresh, youthful tone and luxury of your skin. Learn more about keeping every skin type healthy and radiant, no matter what skin type you are.

The Power of Natural Oils In Organic Skincare

Natural oils provide many essential nutrients for your skin. That is why we refer to our organic skincare products as food for your skin. In order to have a fresh, toned glow, your skin needs essential fatty acids as well as ceramides, enzymes, phospholipids, chlorophyll and vitamins like Vitamin E. These offer powerful antioxidants and other nutrients that are critical for healthy skin.

We are proud to teach you about healthier skin and lifestyle habits and to offer you our 100% organic skincare products in the Inlight line. Are you ready to start feeding your skin so it looks and acts younger and healthier? You’ll be so glad you did! Everytime you look in the mirror, your only regret will be you didn’t start sooner.

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