The Miracles of Arnica Oil

July 22, 2017

The Miracles of Arnica Oil

As you protect your beautiful skin in the summer weather, you should know about the benefits of arnica oil. This oil comes from the arnica plant, which is a type of sunflower. The plant, and the oil offers many healing benefits and has been used medicinally by many for years.

What Are Some Important Arnica Oil Benefits?

Arnica oil is used to treat osteoarthritis and can also reduce bruising significantly. It can seem miraculous in its ability to both reduce pain and increase function as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Arnica as been found to be helpful in treating insect bites, sprains and fractures. It can even help reduce swelling after surgery. It also provides some anti-bacterial benefits and increases circulation.

With these amazing anti-inflammatory effects and increased circulation, it is easy to understand why Inlight chooses to include arnica oil in its skin care products. After all, keeping our blood circulating freely and eliminating inflammation help keep our skin looking young and fresh.

Making the Most of Arnica Health Benefits

There have been many studies regarding the effectiveness of arnica oil on pain reduction as well as reduction of inflammation.

The memorial Sload-Kettering Cancer Center has commented on the clinical trials that speak of the benefits of topically applied arnica for osteoarthritis and reducing bruising. Sload-kettering is world -famous and highly respected as a medical center and their endorsement is medical evidence of the power of this plant-based oil.

It is important to note that large doses of arnica can have toxic effect, so knowing the careful, scientific process used by Inlight means you can trust you will receive the healing benefits of the oil without danger. Dr. Spiezia, the founder and creator of Inlight, is a licensed medical and surgical doctor, as well as having a diploma in homeopathy, phytotherapy and iridology. This extensive training demonstrates his exceptional ability to create and develop Inlight's 100% organic skin care. You can learn more about Dr. Spiezia here.

Arnica is a Natural Body Oil

A deeply warming, soothing body oil with a complex of plants and astringent herb extracts to relax, rejuvenate and promote suppleness and elasticity and leave your skin with a lustrous, silky sheen.

You can find out about the miracle power of arnica in Inlight's Body Oil With Arnica. This is a warming, soothing body oil that contains a variety of plants and astringent herbs to relax and rejuvenate the skin and improves elasticity and suppleness. It will also leave your whole body with a gorgeous silky sheen. Just apply after a warm bath or shower or before or after exercising, walking and gardening. You will love the nourishing benefits as you feel the invigorating formula work into your skin. Don't forget, Hug Your Skin offers free shipping on all US orders.

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