Spring Into Your New Organic Skin Care Routine

April 19, 2017

Spring Into Your New Organic Skin Care Routine

Spring is here and it’s time for fresh starts, new beginnings and a new organic skin care routine. When the earth begins to sprout new life, it is the perfect time to consider a fresh, natural skin care routine. After all, spring is all about fresh and natural, so why not consider how your skin can look and feel with a nurturing, loving routine to feed your skin in a healthy organic way.

Winter can be very hard on our skin. It is exposed to the harshness of the cold weather and wintery winds. We cover it up to keep it warm, but that also keeps our skin from benefiting from the air and the sunshine. We tend to eat a lot of comfort foods, which are often high in fats and carbohydrates. Altogether, these things can leave our skin parched, pale and clogged, leading to an accumulation of toxins and a weakening of the elastin and blood flow. How can we free our fresh, springtime skin from the winter fortress it has produced?

One of the first steps is to amp up our healthy diets. Bring on the vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase your water intake to hydrate your precious skin. Most of all, increase your Vitamin D with some beloved sunshine. Of course, you do need to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but you need that Vitamin D and sunshine is the best, natural source of this important nutrient.

The Best Natural Skin Care Routine is the One You Follow

The only way a natural skin care routine can help your skin is if you follow it regularly. Our 3-step all natural skin care routine is easy to follow and provides luxurious, beautiful results. Our skin needs to be nourished with healthy food in order to look it’s best. One of the best ways to feed our skin is following an organic skin care routine. We talk about our Dr. Spiezia’s preferred 3-step skin care routine in our expert advice column.

Dr. Spiezia’s preferred 3-step skin care routine

Another way to refresh your skin for spring is to tackle that cellulite that has built up through the winter months. Your shower is an excellent tool to help you being to shed that lumpy buildup. Dr. Spiezia’s recommendation is to never use water warmer than your body temperature- about 98 degrees F.  Temperatures higher than that are damaging to your skin. Use a loofa pad to exfoliate your skin and finish your shower with a quick rinse of cooler water to bring a stimulating blast to your skin.

After you shower, use an oil rich in Vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients. Making this a part of your natural skin care routine is an excellent step toward that smooth, healthy summer skin you’ll be showing off this summer. Inlight’s Firm and Tone OIl is an excellent choice to use for this daily moisture routine. It is loaded with Vitamin E as well as other extracts to reduce inflammation and increase moisture and nutrition.

Inlight’s Firm and Tone OIl - excellent choice for daily moisture routine. Loaded with Vitamin E as well as other extracts to reduce inflammation and increase moisture and nutrition.

At Hug Your Skin, we believe in the importance of our organic skin care routine and all of our products. Inlight never uses heavy metals in any of their products, even though many companies do. To find out more about the dangers of metals in skin care products, sign up for my free report, “Why YOU Don’t Have Radiant Skin” and what you need to do about it and learn the dangers of our commercial beauty and skin care industry. The more you learn, the more you will begin to understand and appreciate the beauty of feeding your skin with a natural skin care routine.

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