Natural Oils versus Creams in Skin Care

July 20, 2016

oil based cosmetics versus water based cosmetics

Oils have been used for thousands of years all over the world to treat the skin, nourish it and cure it. Oil has a unique ability to capture specific liposoluble botanical ingredients such herbal extracts and essential oils, absorbing them and storing them, ready to be used on your skin.

Regular Use of Organic Face and Body Oils Is the Best Way to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh, Vibrant and Beautiful!

Our skin is packed full of naturally occurring oils produced by our body: the sebum glands, that’s why it responds so well to top quality, natural body and face oils. Oil is much easier for the skin to absorb and it is a fantastic moisturiser. It leaves the skin rich, nurtured and shimmering.

When water is used in skincare often additives and possibly chemicals must be present as these are needed to preserve the product and maximize shelf life. Silicon and petrochemical derivatives can often be found, these clog the skin pores. They also often contain alcohol which can contribute to irritation.

Nervous to Use Face or Body Oil For the First Time?

When it comes to using body or face oil for the first time, we find many people are nervous that it’ll leave their skin feeling too oily and greasy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As soon as the skin adapts to the oil, it heals more effectively, stays hydrated and looks fantastic. You only need to learn how to use it: remember you need a very small amount.

At Inlight no water is added

At Inlight no water is added in the formulas which means no extra nasties either. You are simply left with a pure and concentrated formulation which works.

All the ingredients we use in our skincare are carefully selected for their benefits and properties by our in-house skin expert Dr Spiezia . By infusing these in oils, all their goodness is kept ‘alive’ and transferred straight into our pots and jars for you to enjoy at home.

Organic Rose Hip OilOne of the star ingredients in our top seller Organic Face Oil is rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is wonderful for the skin. It’s a great source of essential fatty acids which help repair and regenerate damaged skin and it is full of antioxidants which are renowned for their anti-aging properties.

Try one of our Bijou Collections

Why not try one of our Bijou Collections for yourself to see how a great organic oil can revolutionise your skincare?

You can browse full range  of our Face and Body products to see  full list of ingredients and their properties can also be viewed.


Dr. Spiezia -Inlight 100% Organic Cosmetics Co-founder and formulatorSpecial Note from Doctor Spiezia: Sebum is a naturally occurring substance produced by our skin that helps keep it moisturised and rejuvenated. It’s made up of essential fatty acids, naturally produced fats and cholesterol. The organic oils we use in our products are carefully matched to the composition to sebum. This means they are naturally identified, accepted and absorbed by the skin. They trigger the skin to re-tune itself to the essence of health and harmony.

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