Organic Skin Products From Inlight Skincare Make Healthy Christmas Gifts

December 01, 2016

Organic Skin Products From Inlight Skincare Make Healthy Christmas Gifts

Did you know organic skin products from Inlight Skincare make healthy Christmas Gifts? What a fabulous way to show your loved ones just how much you care. Let me help you with your holiday shopping by making healthy gifting just a little bit easier for you. Here is a look at some of our favorite healthy Christmas gifts from Inlight skincare. 

"Why YOU don't Have Radiant Skin!" (and what you need to do about it)

Daily Essentials

Inlight’s Daily Essentials gift setInlight’s Daily Essentials gift set is a perfect choice for healthy gifting. This set includes our Cleanser, Daily Face Oil and the Floral Tonic. Everything you need to create your magical beauty routine for soft, younger looking skin. These luxurious, organic skin products will feed and nourish your skin, your mind and your soul.

Chocolate Delight

    Inlight delicious chocolate organic skincare gift set Everyone loves chocolate for the holidays, right? This delicious gift set includes the Chocolate Face Mask and a lovely organic cotton glove to apply it. These yummy gifts are wrapped up in a delightful branded white gift box. This warming face mask is calming and soothing for all skin types and brightens your face while it feeds your skin.

    New Mum’s Collection

      Inlight’s luxurious organic skin care for new or expecting momIf you have a new or expecting mom on your gift list, this organic skin care is the perfect healthy gifting idea for her. With Inlight’s luxuriously nourishing body butter for mom’s tight belly, sore feet and all the rest of her hard-working body, this gift set is off to a beautiful start. Add in Inlights’ Nyp&Baby Calendula Balm and you have an ideal package. The Nyp&Baby Calendula Balm is formulated especially for sore, cracked nipple areas as well as extra sensitive newborn baby skin. These two extra special moisturizers are wrapped in a branded white gift box, along with an organic cotton glove. The whole thing is topped with a special ribbon to add to the festive air.

      Indulgence Collection

        Inlight's exquisite Indulgence collection bz Hug Your SkinThis exquisite collection includes everything in our Daily Essentials gift pack along with the Line Softener, which combines 20 different bio-actives and works to plump and hydrate with extra concentrated care for those stubborn lines and wrinkles. You’ll receive this in a very special Christmas sleeve.

        Body Beautiful Collection

          Inlight Body Beautiful Collection by Hug Your SkinThis gift collection is a favorite. If that special someone on your gift list already uses or Basic Essentials, why not introduce them to the delight of full body indulgence. Inlight’s Body Oil with Arnica will feed the skin all over the body with decadent softness and lush nutrition. (You just might want to keep this one for yourself!)

          This amazing collection has all our body products in one luxurious package. Our amazing warming Body Oil renews, rejuvenates and refreshes your entire body from head to toe. Use the Firm and Tone Oil with active plant oils and astringent plant extracts to firm up and tone your skin. Moisturize your whole body with our yummy Restorative Body Butter and let its rich formula feed your skin while you hydrate top to bottom. Finally, our special Foot & Leg Balm is your secret weapon against tired, achy feet and dry rough skin. You’ll feel like you just stepped out of a high-end spa and your skin will glow with loving care and moisture. This is wrapped up in a decorative, Christmas sleeve.

          "Why YOU don't Have Radiant Skin!" (and what you need to do about it)

          Didn’t see the gift you’re searching for? We make holiday gifting easier than ever with our special gift cards. Choose the amount you want, from $25 up and let her (or him) pick their own favorite healthy Christmas gifts!

          Remember, you can use your coupon codes from our sample sale redeemed against your purchase of these full-sized products. Once you deduct that value, you’ll have your own gift, as it makes your previously purchased sample products free!

          Place your order today so you can set it under the tree. Inlight organic skin products are the perfect healthy gifting choice- and your loved ones will gift themselves with healthy, luxurious skin.

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