LOVE YOUR SKIN With Organic SkinCare Everyday

March 19, 2017

LOVE YOUR SKIN With Organic SkinCare Everyday

Here at Hug Your Skin, we believe the best love you can show your skin is with organic skincare products. In fact, we advocate showing your skin some love everyday! Did you know if you show your skin some love, your skin will love you right back? AND it will communicate love and self-confidence to everyone you see.

Our skin isn’t shy about communicating our feelings. When we feel pain, there are nerve endings galore to send that message not just to our brains, but usually all over our face, too. In fact, a square centimeter of skin has more than 200 nerve endings for pain. Combine that with about 12 feet of nerve fibers and nerve endings for touch, heat and cold.

That’s not all! That same tiny little piece of skin also has about three feet of blood vessels, 15 oil secreting sebaceous glands, and 3 MILLION skin cells - in just the OUTER LAYER OF SKIN.

With all of that going on in every centimeter of your skin, it’s easy to see why you want to show it some love, isn’t it?

Does Your Skin Actually Feel Romantic Love?

Does Your Skin Actually Feel Romantic Love?

So does your skin feel love- either from organic skin care or from actual romantic love? Well, think of this: when you touch your loved ones, even for just a moment, thousands of nerve endings come alive and send messages to your brain. Your brain then records and stores those emotions under files named love, safety, cherished and more. Then any time you touch that person’s skin again, your skin remembers all of those fuzzy feels and your brain releases endorphins into your bloodstream. In response, you drop all your protective shields and glow in the feelings of joy and love. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

In fact, Dr. Spiezia has taught us that the brain and the skin both develop in the same layer of embryonic cells. Because they are developed at the same time in an embryo, they start life at together. Think of how important and special your skin is, with it’s lifelong developmental bond with your brain. The more we learn the more we realize our skin is so much more than a simple covering for our bodies.

So, here’s the question: if your skin can do all that, why wouldn’t your nourish it with the best organic skin care products you can find?

Find Your Favorite Organic Skincare Product to Love Your Skin 

Inlight organic skincare products are the perfect way to love your skin. With their pure organic ingredients combined with the science of skin nourishment, what could be better? What better way to pamper your skin than with a gentle, detoxifying massage with our Firm and Tone Oil? To really benefit from the loving endorphins of a great massage, grab your sweetheart and this fabulous uplifting oil!

Inlight' Organic  Firm and Tone Oil by Hug Your Skin

Inlight’s Firm and Tone oil tightens pores and tones up your skin as you relax away the stress of the day with a massage. It aids in releasing water retention, which not only helps your skin feel better, but look better as well. With star ingredients like green tea, ginger root and burdock. This gentle, yet powerful oil is effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Learn more about the love that goes into Inlights organic oils in our article on difference between natural oils versus creams in skin care . We think you might be surprised at what goes into our organic skincare products. We think you will REALLY be surprised at what DOESN'T go into our oils. Inlight organic skincare is the ultimate way you can love your skin.

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