Knowing the Difference between Organic & Natural Skin Care

July 31, 2017

Knowing the Difference between Organic & Natural Skin Care

Many people mistakenly believe that organic and natural skin care mean the same thing. While it is true that organic products are natural, just because something is labeled natural does not mean it is organic. Read on to learn more about the important differences between natural and organic skin care.

What Does Natural Skin Care Mean?

When something is labeled natural the definition isn't exactly set in stone. It does mean the product has ingredients that come from nature, rather than ingredients that are made synthetically. There are 3 mayor concerns that end users should be aware when buying natural beauty products:

  1. Pesticides and Herbicides are allowed

    Ingredients labeled as natural are usually from conventional agriculture. That means that they are most likely sprayed with pesticides and herbicides in order to increase harvest. As a consequence, the final products carry some residual amount of toxic chemical ingredients. And in Europe, there are publicly known cases where a huge amount of people who bought natural products with lavender had allergic reactions. At first, many people thought they were having an allergic reaction to the lavender, but laboratory tests proved the allergies were from the excessive amount of chemicals in this particular natural product.

    On the other hand, an organic product means that it was produced from organically grown ingredients where the usage of herbicides and pesticides are not allowed.

  2. Lack of Legislation for Usage of the Words Natural and Organic

    A product can contain a very small percentage of ingredients that are actually natural and still use the word on their labels. If you buy, for example, a product that contains 1% of organic ingredients surrounded by 99% of chemical ingredients, the product can still be labeled as natural or organic. In the US, the legislation about regulating the word natural and organic is very weak. The only exception is California law, which only allows the use of organic labeling on beauty products that contain 70% or more organic ingredients. This lack of distinction leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Reading labels is so important and this is one of the reasons why we need to be careful about what we buy.

  3. Allowed List of Chemical Ingredients Used in Natural or Organic Skincare

    Did you know that most natural and organic beauty products contain chemical ingredients that are allowed for use in natural or organic beauty products? This list is approved by the highest certification authorities in a given country. If a beauty product contains water, then you can be sure about the presence of chemical ingredients that act as preservatives to keep the quality of the product for certain period.

Choose Organic Skin Care For a Good Reason

In order for a beauty product to carry the USDA Organic Seal, it must be at least 95% organic. If the label reads, "Made With Organic Ingredients" but does not have the USDA seal, it is determined to have 70% organic materials.

Look for certified 100% organic skincareIf you want to be sure that your skin care products do not contain any chemicals, look for certified 100% organic skincare. And yes, it is possible to produce skincare with such top quality. Inlight is proud to be the very first UK skincare company to gain Cosmos accreditation and you can trust it will remain that way. Inlight organic skincare does not compromise on quality. You can read here about the importance Inlight's founder, Dr. Spiezia has in creating this amazing skin care line.

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Inlight’s skin care line actually feeds your skin with the nourishment it needs to be healthy, smooth and supple.

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Don't take chances with your skin care products! Always remember the difference between natural and organic skin care products. Choose Inlight 100% ORGANIC skin care products for you and your family. To learn more, make sure you sign up for my special report, "Why You Don't Have Radiant Skin and What You Need To Do About It" today.

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