Introducing BUTTERBEAN - Organic Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

July 20, 2018

Introducing BUTTERBEAN - Organic Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

This is big news here at Hug Your Skin! Up until now, we have carried Inlight organic skin care products as our single, exclusive product line. Inlight products are 100% organic and are truly superior to anything I have ever used. When your products are made from such high quality and are so effective, it’s not easy to bring in other products and maintain our personal standards.

Now, everything has changed. We want to introduce the Butterbean line- a certified organic, cruelty free line of sun products. Butterbean products were developed by Summer, a mom in Florida who was looking for safe, effective sunscreen products for her children. She ran into the same issue I did when my precious son was born. Summer learned, as did I, that our skin products are predominantly loaded with nasty, dangerous chemicals. When this mom of five started educating herself, she soon decided if she wanted her kids to have the best, she would simply have to create it. So she did.

What Makes Butterbean Organic Products So Special?

Mineral based Sunscreen

The Butterbean line is:


  • Mineral based Sunscreen
  • Non-Nano Zinc Oxide protection
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Non-whitening formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Non GMO
  • Cruelty Free
  • Chemicals free
  • Long-lasting and 80 minute water resistant
  • Deliciously moisturizing

Butterbean uses only the highest quality ingredients from organic and sustainable sources, like food quality coconut oil and pure Vitamin E from sunflowers with no GMOs and gluten free to provide moisture and antioxidants. Common sunscreens include a chemical called oxybenzone, which disrupts hormones and should not be used on babies or children. Other chemicals often used in sunscreens break down into free radicals or carcinogens.

Rather than using chemicals, which are absorbed into the skin to provide protection, Butterbean sunscreens use zinc oxide, with non-nano sized particles. This means the particles of zinc oxide are large enough to NOT be absorbed into the skin. All of the sunscreen products offer an SPF of 30.

Butterbean Makes Organic, Safe Bug Spray

Keep pests away the natural way

No matter how much you love your fun in the sun, there is NO ONE who likes getting bug bites. UGH! Unfortunately, so many products produce to repel insects either don’t work, make you smell like one of those artificial pine scented air fresheners or, worst of all, contain harmful DEET.

You’ll love Butterbean’s Bug-a-Boo bug spray. It’ organic. It smells lovely. There is NO DEET. And it’s works safely on even your littlest beach babies. Instead of this harmful chemical, the magic ingredient in Bug-a-Boo spray is Neem Oil. The Neem tree is found in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. It’s a tropical evergreen that grows quickly and is in the same family as mahogany. Neem has been used since ancient times for up to 80 different health conditions. It has antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. And, it repels bugs.

What Organic Sunscreen Products Does Butterbean Produce?

Every product is certified organic and is totally safe for your children, eve your babies

The Butterbean line includes sunscreen and bug spray. Every product is certified organic and is totally safe for your children, eve your babies. The sunscreen is available in a thick, creamy Original Formula or a lighter weight non-aerosol spray, known as the Simple Formula. You can also choose a Sport Stick formula, if that’s your preference. The point is, there’s a sunscreen for everyone, no matter how you like to apply it. We also carry the Good and Simple Collection, which is one of the Simple Spray and one of the Sport Sticks.

The Bug-a Boo bug spray can be purchased in a spray bottle and also in a larger, more economical refill size.

And just wait until you see the prices on these incredible products! Click here and start shopping now!

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