Healthy Radiant Skin No Matter What Skin Type You Have

November 23, 2016

Healthy Radiant Skin No Matter What Skin Type You Have

To have healthy, radiant skin, you need to consider several different things. Some of these factors are internal, like hormones and nutrients and some are external, like weather and environment. Everything we eat, feel, think and do affects some part of our body and our skin shows every bit of it. We need to make sure we take in healthy food for the skin internally and protect it from the elements externally. Let’s look at both factors.

"Why YOU don't Have Radiant Skin!" (and what you need to do about it)

How Do Internal Factors Affect Your Skin?

Regardless of your skin type, pay attention to the details of your life. Slow down and do things with mindful intention. Live with love and passion for yourself- and your skin will reflect that.

For example, when you choose to eat organic food and possibly even an organic vegetarian diet, your skin will glow with health. If you do eat meat, limit the amount and cut out red meat entirely, if you can. East seasonal veggies and fruits. Eat raw for the greatest health benefits. Choosing healthy, organic, raw foods is beneficial to your entire body. It is good for every single cell and it is will nourish the skin continuously.

Organic skin care by Inlight from Hug Your SkinHere’s a great source of Omega 3s and Omega 6. Make your very own salad dressing by combining organic extra virgin and cold pressed olive oil with a drop of organic flax seed oil. Add in some nuts and even some wheat germ. You’ll add some crunch and goodness to your greens while ramping up your omega 3 and 6, which are great nutrients for you skin. Be sure to continue drinking plenty of pure filtered water.

Part of living life with passion and love means spending time with family and friends. Don’t worry about competition. Let that go and spend your time laughing, dancing singing and sharing uplifting conversation. Stop to see the beauty in life and nature. Go for walks outside. Ride bike. Do your yoga on the beach. Find other creative ways to take in the beauty and calm of nature to build up your internal peace and joy.

Let’s Talk About External Factors Affecting Your Skin

Inlight organic face cleanser from Hug Your SkinYour face needs cleansing at least one time daily. Use 100% organic Inlight face cleanser for amazing results. Inlight face cleanser is an oil based cleanser. The oil base works gently with the skin’s sebum, which keeps a protective barrier against the elements. Wipe your cleanser using a soft cloth you’ve dampened with warm water. To take the luxurious routine a step closer to spa level, dampen your cloth with Inlight floral water. It doesn’t contain any drying alcohol and is so gentle to your skin. Here is our recommended Daily Inlight routine in 3 steps.

Before bathing or getting in the shower, give your skin a massage with a gentle scrub. This removes dead skin cells and removes surface toxins. The massage wakes up your skin and stimulates endorphins. It also lifts your spirits and brings a deep sense of self-love and well being.

Natural body oil with arnica by Inlight from Hug Your SkinIn the shower, use a natural fiber glove to stimulate your circulation and get the lymphatic system moving. This helps rid your body of internal toxins. When you finish your shower, feed your skin nourishment with Inlight organic body oil with Arnica. This body oil is distinct and unique with the invigorating properties of arnica combined with the astringent properties of witch hazel for toning. Your veins love these oils and the rich vitamin E and essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil so necessary to your skin’s health and beauty.

Do You Mean Moisturizing Is Not Enough For Healthy Skin?

Yes, you need to properly moisturize your skin! Don’t stop there, though. You need to feed it with nourishing vitamins and minerals and take tender loving care of it as well if you want it to be healthy and glowing with beauty.

To learn more about anti-aging tips for your healthy skin through organic skin products, read this post and read this post to learn how Inlight’s Line Softener Intensive helps your skin stay fabulous after 40 with holistic beauty products.

"Why YOU don't Have Radiant Skin!" (and what you need to do about it)

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