Formulator of Inlight Organic Skincare products - Dr.Mariano Spiezia

January 22, 2017

Formulator of Inlight Organic Skincare products - Dr.Mariano Spiezia

Here at Hug Your Skin, when we talk about holistic skincare, we talk about Dr. Mariano Spiezia, the formulator and founder of Inlight organic skincare products. The man who created this unique line of cosmetics is a holistic skincare expert.

Of course, we consider Inlight to be more than holistic skincare. Those of us who use it, love it. We love that Inlight organic skincare products are food for your skin. That’s right! Every product in the line nourishes and enhances your skin’s amazing rejuvenating power with organic ingredients.

Dr. Mariano Spiezia KNOWS Holistic Skincare

I want you to be assured of the expertise and science behind Inlight. It is so much more than just cosmetic enhancements for your face. It is truly food for your skin. As you learn a bit of Dr. Spiezia’s education, experience and life, you will see how Inlight really is different.

Formulator of Inlight Organic Skincare products - Dr.Mariano Spiezia

Dr. Spiezia has extensive training in healing science. He is trained  in Homeopathy and Clinic Phytotherapy. He is also trained in Medicine and Surgery. So, what is the guiding principle that impacted Dr. Spiezia so much he was compelled to found Inlight? After learning from several different perspectives, Dr.Spezia teaches us our skin is a major participant in the detox of our bodies and we can help it or hinder it in that process. The key to the secret recipes for Inlight is the interaction, the synergy, between the different ingredients. This interaction creates a result in the appearance and the health of the skin.

We spend a lot of time talking about and enhancing our skin as a protection for our bodies. That’s very important, but our skin is more than just a covering. Remember, the skin is considered the body’s largest organ! One of the main functions of that organ is producing the final level of detox as our body heals itself.

Dr Speizia believes that taking care of our body is part of taking care of our environment. He believes the reverse is also true. By living organic, inside and out, we improve the health and wellbeing of ourselves and everyone else.

He formulates Inlight without water so he does not dilute the power of nature to do things in the best possible way. Because of this deep commitment to the very best is in his heart, nothing else would do for this luxurious, delicious line of organic skincare products.

The ingredients of the packaging for all Inlight cosmetics is also vital to Dr. Speizia. It is not thinkable to creative such a holistic line of skin care and then package it in landfill refuse. Inlight’s special, biodegradable packaging is more than the bow on the present. It is part of the commitment Dr. Spezia blends into every Inlight product. He also invested a lot of time and resources into the perfect packaging to deliver his holistic skincare products to all of us.

Food For Your Skin Starts With Clean!

New Year Resolutions with Inlight's Holistic Skincare

In order to feed our skin with the highest concentration of nutrients, we can start with a simple detox. It takes just a week. It benefits your body much longer than that. Use it as part of your lifestyle.

Dr. Speizia recommends all the rest of a healthy organic lifestyle, including a diet packed full with fresh vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to keep hydrating your body with fresh, filtered water throughout your day, every day.

The new year is a perfect time to detox your entire body! Inlight organic skincare products help you through this process. Try our highly recommended holistic detox and you won’t be disappointed!

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