Everyone Loves A Little Holiday Chocolate - The Organic Skincare Your Face Will Love

December 28, 2016

Everyone Loves A Little Holiday  Chocolate - The Organic Skincare Your Face Will Love

Organic skincare made with chocolate? You need this in your life today! Who can resist chocolate - especially at the holidays. After a lifetime of being told how bad chocolate is for your skin, we are so excited to give you the truth. Organic chocolate can bring benefits to your healthy skincare routine in ways you never considered.

Organic Skincare with CHOCOLATE? Tell Me More!

Now, let’s get one thing straight. Not ALL chocolate is good for you- but that is because of the refined sugar added to it to make all those tasty indulgences. The reality is chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, or, more accurately, the cacao bean. The literal meaning of the word cacao is “food of the gods” so there must be some goodness in there, right?

In fact, cacao is considered a superfood. It has over 300 compounds in it including protein, fat, fiber, zinc, copper, calcium and more. When used as a major ingredient in a facial moisturizer, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Of Course, Chocolate is An Organic Moisturizer Loaded With Antioxidants

organic chocolate face mask by Hug Your Skin

At Inlight, we understand that antioxidants are critical for proper skincare and beauty products. Antioxidants are one of the most powerful components of organic skincare. They fight those free radicals that cause premature lines and wrinkles adding years to our face. When Inlight creates their amazing organic skincare products, antioxidants are a must have ingredient and our Chocolate Face Mask is no exception.

This delicious, luxurious facial mask is loaded with antioxidants, including Vitamin E. Not only does it bring much needed moisture to your tired skin, it is chock full of other organic ingredients that feed your skin so it can shine with radiance and health.

We Use Only the Finest Chocolate for Our Organic Moisturizer

Of course, at Inlight, we don’t cut corners when it comes to creating our beautiful organic skincare products. Our chocolate is no exclusion from that standard. We partner with Grenada Chocolate Company and London’s premier chocolatier, Rocoro. In addition to being some of the world’s finest organic chocolate, we are thrilled to support Rocoro in their amazing entrepreneurial efforts. This company has  survived two hurricanes in a year’s time and has overcome to become one of the world’s finest suppliers of organic chocolate. We couldn’t be prouder of our association with them. Using their superior chocolate in our Chocolate Mask is a no-brainer decision.

Inlight’s Chocolate Face Mask Is an Organic Skincare Indulgence You Can’t Resist

Inlight organic chocolate face mask by Hug Your Skin

We all know chocolate is an antidepressant, don’t we? That is more than simply a lovely myth women tell themselves so they can indulge in this deliciousness. Chocolate does indeed contain a chemical called Anandamide, which is sometimes called chocolate amphetamine because it changes our blood pressure and our blood sugar, creating alertness and excitement. It produces a bliss reaction in our bodies. We couldn’t be more excited that our organic Chocolate Face Mask gives us all of this goodness with no calories, because we put it on our skin instead of in our mouth.

Give your skin the gift of chocolate! You’ll be overjoyed at the beauty benefits of this wonderful, moisturizing, mood-lifting face mask.

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