Did You Know Inlight Has Organic Aftershave?

November 14, 2016

Did You Know Inlight Has Organic Aftershave?

Men are realizing their need to care for their skin and organic aftershave is right in their ball park. It’s no secret that both sexes shave, either once or twice a day for a man’s beard or once or twice a week for a woman’s legs. Shaving is part of your regular skincare regimen and you can use an organic aftershave to nourish your skin without harsh ingredients to irritate your skin and cause harm to your body.

It is always important to use something to soothe and protect your skin after shaving with a razor. Razor shaving can actually damage the epidermis, or outer layer of your skin. The razor’s edge leaves the skin exposed and therefore, it is more sensitive.

Alcohol causes drying and damage to the skin

Inlight Organic Aftershave

In addition to the drying effects of aftershave, razor shaving often involves the use of soap. Soap can also dry the skin by removing the protective layer of sebum that acts as a barrier between your skin and the environment.Years ago, it was traditional for men to go to the barber shop for a shave. The barber would use an alcohol based aftershave to kill any bacteria and prevent infection. As men became more accustomed to shaving at home, commercial aftershaves also used alcohol as a main ingredient. The problem is, we know now alcohol causes drying and damage to the skin.  Yes, it does sterilize, but the flaking and dryness can actually lead to breakouts. It seems odd, but the body’s reaction to the dryness is to produce more sebum, which makes the skin oily and leads to breakouts.

An effective aftershave product must perform a variety of duties

It’s easy to see why an effective aftershave product must perform a variety of duties. It needs to disinfect, act as an astringent for the pores, reduce the inflammation that results from the irritation, moisturize the skin, protect it- and we would really like it to smell nice too, wouldn’t we?

WHEW- that’s a lot to expect from a single product. And now, I am telling you all this can be organic as well?

The best thing to use on your freshly-shaved skin is something that will moisturize and nourish the skin. This will bring healing to the skin. An antibacterial component is excellent, but it must not dry the skin out as a side effect.

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Rule number one for aftershave?

Avoid alcohol. Instead, look for an oil-based product.Inlight’s Daily Face OIl uses plant extracts and essential oils to provide the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components you need and want. The natural Vitamin E it contains will help repair the lost sebum barrier. It helps keep the skin soft as well. Daily Face Oil is the perfect alcohol free aftershave.

So is skincare for men any different between the products created for women?

Well, the fact is, men’s skin and women’s skin is quite different, primarily due to hormones. Did you know:

  • Men’s skin is up to 20% thicker than women’s skin. Men’s skin has a lot more collagen fibers which means it is denser and more resistant than women’s skin. It also has less adipose - which is what the body uses to store fat. This is why women’s skin is softer and more pliable than men’s skin.
  • Men’s skin is more prone to acne and inflammation of the follicles
  • Men’s skin has a lower pH value than women’s skin. Men’s skin is a pH of 4.5 and women clock in at 5.8. Because men have a higher lactic acid level, their skin is more acidic. This makes their skin more prone to inflammation and irritation. It does protect them from bacteria at a higher level than women, however.

Men and women both benefit from the natural, organic qualities of Inlight skincare products

Inlight organic daily face oil

Our Daily Face Oil is a perfect organic aftershave for men and an ideal moisturizer as well. Ladies, it’s excellent for you as well!  Because Inlight Daily Face Oil is oil based and not alcohol based it doesn’t dry the skin like most commercial products. Oils are always the best answer and when oils are organic, the goodness just increases.

Shaving first thing in the morning is always the best time. Your skin is still soft and supple before the day begins to dry it out. Moistening with organic oil and using the same after shaving will nourish and protect your skin.

Inlight Daily Face OIl is one of our 100% organic skin products,  with a jojoba oil base for nutrition and moisturizing effects, rose buds as an astringent, rose hip shell for antioxidant properties and vanilla pods and blue mallow flowers to soothe and calm the skin. It’s food for your skin. It smells fabulous and leaves your skin feeling wonderful. It’s a vegan aftershave you will love, whether you’re a woman or a man!

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