Cruelty Free Products Help Us Live Better Lives

April 04, 2017

Cruelty Free Products Help Us Live Better Lives

Cruelty free beauty products are more important than you might think. At least more important than what many people imagine when they decide whether or not cruelty free means anything to their buying decisions. At Hug Your Skin, we are proud to stand up strong and support cruelty-free beauty products for a variety of reasons. Read on for our top five reasons cruelty free products are even more wonderful than you thought.

  1. Cruelty free means no animals are used for testing for any of Inlight’s products. No animals are ever harmed The fact is, many skincare and beauty companies use animals to test their products. In the United States, there are very few laws in the cosmetics industry. We will not support beautiful animals suffering side effects we aren’t willing to experience. There are ways to test products without harming animals or causing them any cruelty. Inlight believes in this mission wholeheartedly and at Hug Your Skin, we agree. Inlight believes in cruelty free beauty products. Cruelty free beauty products are not even TESTED on animals. Inlight is proud to display the BUAV accreditation. Inlight is only ever tested on willing humans!
  2. Cruelty free means we understand the meaning of holistic living at a deep level. One of the beautiful effects of living our lives as holistically as we can is a deeper sense of belonging and compassion. We see our entire world through ever-increasing love for nature and all forms of life. We learn that our own peace and contentment springs from this deep connection to all of our world. When our hearts make a connection to our beliefs, we can change the world. To amp up your emotional and physical connection to nature, treat yourself to our amazing Superfood Face Mask. The organic essential oils in this luxurious mask will soothe your soul as you feed your skin.
  3. Beware of Labels and Buzzwords. What you read is what you get, or is it? Labeling in the world of “natural” and organic skincare products is a very subjective language. Because beauty companies have little or no oversight, advertisers can make broad claims and get away with it. For example, you would assume Vegan is all good, right? Did you know the standard for the “Vegan” label is “having no animal-derived ingredients.” Cruelty free means NO animal testing was used at all. It’s the next level. Do your due diligence with understanding labels. “All-natural” may not mean what you think. After all, animals are natural, so using animals in a variety of ways is possible. Why just assume your buying power doesn’t cause harm? Instead, when you choose to put your purchase power into a cruelty free beauty products, you know you are contributing to a better world.  
  4. Chemicals. We talk a lot about chemicals here at Hug Your Skin. We want you to be informed of just how harmful it can be to keep putting chemicals on our skin. To help you understand the extent of chemicals in our beauty products, read my report “Why YOU Don’t Have Radiant Skin and what you need to do about it.” As you understand how many chemicals are in many beauty products, the idea of testing those chemicals on animals becomes sadder and more upsetting.
  5. Let’s think about it this way- everything we put on our skin absorbs into us. It becomes part of who we are. As we use organic, love-infused products, we absorb all the loving intentions pur into the creation of Inlight organic skincare products. We appreciate the ability to use and absorb such beautiful, luxurious items. Cosmetics and skincare products that test on animals can carry a much different intention- greed and profit at all costs. I don’t want to absorb that intention - do you?

Cruelty free skin care Inlight by Hug Your Skin

„Beauty shines through a perfect synergy between our inner and outer selves.“ Dr. Spiezia

Cruelty Free Beauty Products Are Part of Your Transformation 

As women, we want to grow, to nurture, to love. As we enhance our natural beauty and health with organic skincare, products that are never tested on animals, we begin to feel as beautiful on the outside as we are becoming on the inside. That is life changing. Enjoy who you are deep inside as you feed your skin with Inlight organic skincare products. Don’t forget to download my free report “Why YOU Don’t Have Radiant Skin and what you need to do about it.” You’ll learn more about why my heart is devoted to living cruelty-free.

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