Come With Me Into a Fairytale Where Skincare Smells Like an Herb Garden

July 28, 2016

Come with me into a fairytale where Inlight skincare is handcrafted.

Five years ago my life changed beyond recognition when I started a new journey. My adventure began after I found Inlight, a 100% organic skincare brand. It introduced me to a world of nature that I had not suspected, and I discovered the secret power of aromatic herbs and oils.

After working in logistics for international FMCG companies, this was a radical shift in perspective for me. What took me completely by surprise was how powerful natural products can be when it came to beauty care.

How My Fairytale Began…

The next big event in my life was my journey to Cornwall. This is a wild, unspoiled country on the rugged southwestern tip of England. This pristine area is an important part of the world's cultural and natural heritage.

Here, I visited the organic farm called Roskilly's. It is where Inlight handicraft their beautiful and honest products. Doctor Spiezia showed us around his masterpiece production facilities. This was a miraculous time full of "aha" moments for me. It did feel like I was in some kind of fairy tale, one that I want you to visit with me.

The World of Aromatic Botanicals

Upon our arrival, we received a warm welcome and enjoyed a vegetarian lunch in a blossoming garden. After the meal, Doctor Spiezia invited us into his kingdom - his meticulously clean lab. For years, he had combined herbal wisdom and science to formulate Inlight's 100% organic skincare products.

As soon as we walked into the lab, we noticed bags filled with fragrant dried herbs, fruits, and seeds. We stuck our noses in some and inhaled the scents of roses, purple lavender, and orange marigold. We also smelled blue cornflower, real vanilla, cocoa and many other wonderful flowers and herbs.

We were also surrounded by golden, cold-pressed oils, and I still remember the delicious smell of the coconut oil, jojoba, and evening primrose, as well as the fragrance of the carrot, argan, and macadamia nut. Of course, there were many other natural oils, too.

We enjoyed every second of our visit.

All ingredients were of a 100% organic quality and our senses enjoyed the lavish display of colors and marvelous scents. It was absolutely fascinating.

Eagerly, we listened to Doctor Spiezia. He passionately explained the story behind each ingredient and shared his inspiring journey about how he invented the powerful Inlight formulas. An internationally recognized doctor and scientist, he radiates an admiration for nature. What particularly struck me was his humble, caring personality.

The VooDoo Behind 100% Organic Skincare Inlight

Doctor Spiezia showed us a big, round jar filled with a unique mixture of herbs, fruits, and seeds. They were being macerated in a specific mix of cold pressed oils. It was all prepared according to his unique skincare formula, Bio-Lipophilic Matrix®.

On warmed stones in a glass niche, the herbs suck in the power of the sun and moon for weeks. Some are being macerated in an oil bath for one lunar month, and some for two lunar months. In this way, all the herbs, fruits, and seeds gradually release their powerful healing effects naturally.

Through pressing, we get a final extract. These consist of highly concentrated oils loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. The gentle pressing process help them preserve their natural form and efficacy.

In this way, we get the bio-active ingredients that are the basis of each natural beauty care product made by Inlight.

Furthermore, different product lines are enriched with many other herbs and oils to help them achieve their maximum efficiency.

Doctor Spiezia also explained why his products did not contain water. "Water dilutes the powerful effect of this concentrated mixture of oils and herbs and so adding water is not desirable."

To get a pleasant spreadable consistency, the Shea butter and beeswax are added into some product lines. To achieve a fine exfoliating effect, fruits of baobab – the super food of the 21st century - are mixed into a powder and added into facial masks. This very fine peeling from baobab perfectly smooths the face. You can find them in our Super-Food Mask and Chocolate Mask.

Purely natural balms and oils are manually filled into dark blue glass jars and then ecologically packed into boxes printed with soya ink. The remaining mixture of pressed herbs are delivered to nearby organic animal farms for feeding.

Despite the fact that I can't fully describe the overall magical atmosphere to you, I sincerely invite you to watch a video about the production process. It will help you deeply experience the magical moments I just shared with you.

And I can confirm, the only chemical at Roskilly´s organic farm was the wonderful chemistry between us and Doctor Spiezia.


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