Celebrities Who Use Organic Skin Care

April 28, 2017

Celebrities Who Use Organic Skin Care

Celebrities who use organic skin care are speaking out about why they insist on skin care made from only organic, healthy ingredients. From The Voice’s Gwen Stefani to totally NOT Clueless actress, Alicia Silverstone, celebrities across the world are speaking out about the importance of avoiding the heavy metals and other toxins found in mainstream cosmetics and skin care,

When some celebrities speak out for a cause, people listen. When some of the most beautiful ones, who have the resources to buy whatever they want, talk about organic skin care, it might be worth listening. After all, these beauties could purchase products most of us could never afford. If they choose organic skin care, it might be they have reason to shout!

While celebs like Gwen and Alicia are building their own lines of organic skin care and cosmetics, we have found everything we could ask for in our Inlight line of organic skin care. Because each batch of our artisan products is made in small quantities with only the finest in organic ingredients, compounded by a scientist, we trust Inlight with all of our hearts. Because we use it ourselves, we recommend it to you.

What Makes Organic Skin Care Lines Special to Celebrities?

Alicia SilverstoneThe top beauties have a variety of reasons they love organic skin care lines. One of the things Alicia Silverstone values is recycled packaging in her organic skin care products. Inlight packages all of their products in a beautiful, luxury recycled packaging that looks elegant while it conserves resources. You can read about it and find out why recycled packaging matters to Inlight founder, Dr. Spiezia.

Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret megastar, found out about all of the harsh chemicals in many mainstream beauty products and when she realized it was being absorbed into her skin, she knew she needed to go strictly organic. I’ve done a great deal of research into the chemicals and metals in skincare products and I tell you all about it in my special report, “Why YOU Don’t Have Radiant Skin” and what you need to do about it. You’ll be alarmed at what you learn and we think you’ll agree with Miranda- and us- that organic is the way to go.

Josie Moran loves the magic of Argan OIl in her organic skin care products. Once again, she is in perfect alignment with our fabulous Inlight line. We know Argan oil is a nourishing emollient that helps soften lines and increases the youthful glow of your skin. We use argan oil in many of our products. We especially love the Inlight Supreme Eye Serum. This powerful eye serum is decadently rich with argan oil, bitter cherry oil, rose petals and even gemstones to give your eyes the royal treatment. The high-vibration energy of these precious gemstones give a transformational lift to your eyes- and you get to keep the stones.

Gwyneth PaltroeGwyneth Paltrow, a top actress and known vegan, recently took over the helm at a beauty product company. In 2016, she was super stoked to get them rolling with a completely organic skin care line. Because we’ve been organic from the very beginning, we think Gwyneth and all of these gorgeous celebrities would love our Inlight organic skincare line. For now, we invite you to start shopping and join our Hug Your Skin family. We believe in feeding your skin with natural organic skin care products. It’s why we promote Inlight products, exclusively. We simply believe they are the best. We think you will too.

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