7 Steps for 7 Days With Food For Your Skin and Holistic Skincare

January 11, 2017

7 Steps for 7 Days With Food For Your Skin and Holistic Skincare

Healthy organic skincare is always important and the new year is no exception. One of the best ways to increase our holistic skin care is through a detox. As 2016 is wrapped up and we are- stepping into a new year, it is the perfect time to do this!

Fresh starts, new beginnings and new routines! Why not step out of your New Year’s Eve indulgence and head straight into a resolution you can handle? Just take SEVEN DAYS to try this new resolution and watch what happens to your skin, your body and your energy! You’ll feel so energized and refreshed, you’ll adopt it right into your lifestyle!

7 Steps for 7 Days With Food For Your Skin and Holistic Skincare by Hug Your Skin

This time of holiday celebrating, with the month of December and then the New Year celebrations walk us right into situations where we tend to overindulge in food and drink. We get less sleep and we can even neglect our daily organic skincare routines. That can easily leave us feeling bloated, sluggish and just plain worn out. Unfortunately, our skin reflects that neglect all to easily as well.

There is good news ringing in with the new year, though, beauties!! It doesn’t take long at all to do a quick detox to clear out the old and ring in the fresh start to get us back on track.

7 Steps For 7 Days For Holistic Skincare Through Diet

Here are 7 easy steps to point you back in the right direction! These will help you cleanse your body and clear your mind. Your adrenals will get a boost and you’ll flush out toxicity that is dragging you down. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee - or worse- we can recharge and refresh by giving our body a little cleanse and detox!

  1. Start by reducing your coffee intake. Do this gradually because a sudden withdrawal can bring on headaches! Substitute some warm water with a few drops of lemon juice or lemon essential oil instead. The lemon is a wonderful detoxifying agent and will perk up your water so you can easily increase the H2O your body loves and needs.

  2. Herbal tea is so good for you. It is very detoxing. Try nettle, chamomile, burdock or ginger tea. It tastes so good! Give yourself this refreshing treat twice a day!

  3. Take a break from all animal proteins for a week. This means dairy products too. This might seem like a tough one, but the break from animal proteins will give your body a beautiful rest.

  4. Shake up your breakfast! Here’s a new treat to add to your menu. Try this for a week: a fresh carrot along with some apple juice with a slice of fresh ginger.

  5. For this week, begin both your noon meal and your evening meal with a large bowl of mixed salad with lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Not only will the salad bring some nutritious veggies into your diet, but the salad helps fill your tummy so you eat a bit less. Most of us need to cut back a little after the holidays. Plus, it tastes FABULOUS!

  6. Spend this week dining on delicious, fresh, organic vegetable soups. Mmmm. Just feel how comfortable that is just thinking about it. Add plenty of those delicious herbs we love to cook with including marjoram, basil, sage, thyme, ginger, turmeric and a little drip of rice bran oil. Add some gluten free grains for texture and variety as well as that healthy fiber we need. Choose from brown rice, quinoa and millet.

  7. After you finish your lunch and your dinner, drink half a glass of water with 35 drops of a herbal tincture of dandelion, milk thistle and burdock.

7 Steps For 7 Days For Holistic Skincare Through Diet by Hug Your Skin

These seven steps for seven days will detox your body- and your skin - and set you up for a beautiful new year. Detoxing your body is a beautiful way to fight that aging process naturally. Find out more about how you can make the most of your skin as you age so beautifully in our post - natural anti-aging skincare after 40.

Organic Skincare Products Keep The Detox Going

Now let’s talk about that beautiful skin and how we can use organic skincare products to keep the detox going. Use the Inlight Super-Food Mask three times a week, and follow it with the Floral Face Tonic. This is going to remove those dead skin cells and skin debris. It will stimulate the circulation, to promote fresh new cell growth, bringing radiance and vitality to your skin. All of those toxins stored up deeply in your skin will clear out when you massage in Inlight’s Firm and Tone oil into your skin after you bathe.

Follow our highly recommended 3 step natural skin care routine to maintain and improve achieved results on your skin. Make sure you make the most of the time of new beginnings this year with an organic skincare routine to keep your skin looking lush and radiant. New Year has already started, have you started your new beginnings towards healthier radiant skin? View our best selling organic skincare range and start now!

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