5 Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Face

June 13, 2017

5 Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Face

Essential oils for your face are an important part of all of our Inlight products. Our founder, Dr. Spiezia, is an artisan with a scientific background. He painstakingly blends these two giftings into his recipes for our Inlight products. Each batch, infused with essential oils for your face, is crafted to contain the exact ingredients necessary to nourish your skin and transform the look and feel of your face. These organic skin care products are created with botanical and essential oils, to give your beautiful face both love and nourishment. Here are five reasons why essential oils for your face are, well, essential.

5 Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Face

  1. Essential Oils Are Pure Nature
    Pure, 100% organic essential oils come straight from Mother Nature directly to you, via our Inlight formulations. Essential oils are a part of each Inlight product. Our Daily Face Oil, for example, stimulates the renewal of skin cells, with rose bud extract, primrose oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and blue mallow.
  2. Essential Oils Provide Aromatherapy
    From relaxing your body to soothing sore muscles to easing away the stress, aromatherapy can do wonders for your life. Aromatherapy in the form of essential oils even work as antibiotics, without all of side effects of pharmaceuticals. Every Inlight product contains lavender as one of the essential oils we use. Lavender has many soothing properties, including reducing stress, healing cuts and burns and elevating your mood. When you add Inlight products into your daily skin care routine, you get the added benefit of built-in aromatherapy.
  3. Essential Oils Smell Amazing Without Perfumes
    We all love to have lovely scents in our skincare products to add a little extra feminine (or masculine, for the men) zip to our days. Traditional skin care products use chemicals to produce those fragrances and often do not even disclose which chemicals are used. Instead, they hide behind the generic label of "perfume." Our Inlight products all smell absolutely divine due to the essential oils that are carefully chosen for each formulation.
  4. Essential Oils Help Reduce Cellulite and Wrinkles
    Essential facial oils for mature skin are timeless. Women have been using essential oils throughout history. Cultures who remain closely connected to the earth and the many gifts we receive from the earth have been using oil concoctions for generations. We can trust in the pure, simple recipes our great great grandmothers used for their skin. Royalty as far back as Cleopatra used natural oils such as olive oil as moisturizers. Inlight uses many essential oils for their antioxidant properties. Rose hip extract, clove flower oil and evening primrose are some of the best natural anti aging oils for the skin.
    The best facial oil for dry, mature skin is made with no added water. Many moisturizers and skincare products are formulated of mostly water. Inlight does not add water to any of our products. Rather, we maintain the integrity and power of the natural botanical oils so they can do what they are created to do. Because our oils are not diluted, you can depend on them to provide their natural healing and nourishing benefits. Your skin is literally fed through the healing properties of the botanical oils in the products. Essential oils are also added to provide delicious scents and to preserve the products.
  5. Essential Oils Act As Preservation in Skincare
    Essential oils are beneficial for the skin in a number of ways. They lend themselves to our production process, have been used by women (and men) all over the world for centuries and avoid the use of synthetic preservatives to inhibit the growth of bacteria as is required in a water based product. By using essential oils for our preservative factor it helps Inlight to use NO harsh chemicals. Most cosmetics made by the big manufacturers rely on heavy metals and harsh chemical compounds to perform their anti wrinkle benefits. Why would you want to inject harmful chemicals into your body through your skin care products? You can learn just how complex this problem is in my special report, "Why You Don't Have Radiant Skin" And what you need to do about it right here.

Inlight Skin Care Products are the best, natural anti aging oil products because they are based on a fusion of science and modern technology. Our founder and formulater, Dr. Spiezia is a medical doctor as well as an herbalist. He uses cutting edge techniques from the field of quantum physics to enhance the 100% organic ingredients in all of our products. His slow, alchemic process extracts the most benefit of our botanical oils used in our products. In addition, essential oils are added to every product for their preservative value and to add lovely fragrance. The heart of every item in our organic skin care line is our patented Bio-lipophilic Matrix which is a special oil blend, including essential oils for mature skin. This matrix closely resembles our human sebum and is unique to inlight formulations. Inlight products are highly effective for actually healing and nourishing the deficiencies in your skin.

Discover the benefits of essential oil for your face today! You will appreciate the natural anti aging solutions with our antioxidant rich essential oils right away! You can start your shopping right here!

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