3 Steps to Use Natural Oils For Acne Solutions

February 08, 2018

3 Steps to Use Natural Oils For Acne Solutions

If you struggle with acne, you may wonder if using natural oils for acne can actually cure such a stubborn problem. Oily skin, blackheads, pimples; they all seem to pop up out of nowhere just in time to ruin an important meeting, a big date or any day when you want to feel your best. Is there really a solution in organic skin care? Or do you need to resort to those heavy chemicals to get rid of your acne? 

Understanding Acne And How Natural Skincare For Acne Can Help

Natural skincare for acne could be a brand new idea for you. Before we talk about our acne protocol for a solution, let’s talk a bit about what causes acne. Acne is a hormone-based, inflammatory skin condition. It shows up with outbreaks of pimples and blemishes and an overall oily skin type. It is often thought of as an adolescent plague, but many women (and men) suffer with acne for years beyond their teens. There are several things that contribute to the hormone imbalance which causes breakouts. Diet, weather, and skincare are just a few.

When we struggle with acne, one of the first impulses we have is to avoid any products with any type of oil in them and head straight for the alcohol, benzoyl peroxide or even birth control medication to try and clear up their skin. STOP! These types of solutions are not good for your skin and can lead to other problems! It’s time to start looking at acne from a different point of view.

Understanding Acne And How Natural Skincare For Acne Can Help

When your skin gets oily and breakouts out with blemishes, one big contributor is an overproduction of sebum. Your body releases sebum to help prevent your skin and hair from drying out. It keeps your skin from absorbing or losing too much water. It also provides a barrier against bacteria and fungal infections.

When your pores and hair follicles become clogged with dirt and sebum, bacteria builds up and leads to a break out. So, the first step toward healthy skin free of blemishes is a healthy cleansing and skin care routine. Inlight recommends their own daily ritual to give your skin the care, nutrition and moisture it needs. These oil based organic skin care products are exactly what your skin needs. This classic daily ritual is an absolute key to healthier, more beautiful skin.

Can Organic and Natural Oils for Acne Actually Work?

Many people believe using skincare products with natural oils for acne will make their skin even more oily and increase their acne problem. Actually, this isn’t true at all. When you cleanse your skin with products that are water-based, it strips the natural sebum and allows bacteria and fungus to penetrate. This causes your skin to overproduce more sebum in response. Using organic products with an oil base helps balance and maintain the sebum barrier and helps protect your skin and keep it moisturized.

Follow our Natural Acne Skincare Protocol in 3 Steps

  1. Proper cleansing routine is the key for healthy skin

  2. Follow the skin cleansing protocol in Dr. Spiezia’s recommended daily ritual morning and evening for best results. This is key to obtaining the best results. The cleansing protocol is the beginning of the best acne care you’ve ever used.

    Be sure to thoroughly cleanse and tone your skin before you apply any moisturizer so your skin can best absorb the moisture and make the best use of it. We love Inlight’s Face Cleanser, followed by the alcohol-free Floral Tonic.

  3. Moisturize with oil based skincare that is PH balanced and organic quality

  4. For moisture, use theDeep Moisture Balm, or the Line Softener Intensive if you have more mature, dry skin . (Yes, it is possible to have acne breakouts AND dry skin.) In fact, we talk a lot more about how important your moisturizer is when it comes to acne in this article. Be sure to read it now to find out why our moisturizer can be the make or break (out) key in your skin care routine.

  5. Detox and feed your skin properly

  6. While cleansing is absolutely necessary to cure your acne, your skin needs special nutrients to detox and battle against breakouts so it looks its very best. Once a week, feed your skin with the Super Food Mask. This green power-packed mask includes spirulina, barley grass and baobab. The combined synergy stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. The spirulina and barley grass are powerful detoxifying ingredients that help your skin release toxins and restore a beautiful glow to your face. These incredible natural ingredients are just part of the reason Dr. Spiezia teaches, “Only NATURE respects the NATURE of your skin.”

The Proof of Natural Skincare for Acne is In the Testimonials!

This natural skincare for acne protocol has already helped so many people who have struggled with acne, even those treated in a hospital setting. Here are the words of one woman, Petra, who fell in love with the Inlight acne protocol, after a 25 year struggle with acne.

“Since puberty, I had struggled with acne. I tried almost all beauty products including those prescribed from my dermatologist. I was also hospitalized. The joy of improvements related to pregnancy lasted only briefly - always less than nine months. Then my skin deteriorated again. My face remained highly pigmented with spots. My friend offered me to test Inlight’s oil-based natural cosmetics. According to Dr. Spiezia, formulator of Inlight, it has excellent results on skin with acne. I had inner struggle - to put oily skin care products on my oily skin! I had nothing to lose though, and after a week of thinking this over, I decided to test the deep cleansing set: Organic Face Cleanser and Tonic. I realized that just after the first application my skin become softer. After a while, I started to use Deep Moisturizer as well. How surprised I was when my pigment spots that I got during pregnancy, dramatically reduced. After the first week of usage, the formation of new acne reduced and my skin started to heal. Click here to see my picture. For the first time I had the feeling I was feeding my skin with proper nutrition. Now, I can walk on the street without hiding my face with several layers of foundation and makeup. “

Use Inlight, 100% organic skin care to love your skin today.

Right now, if you purchase four products in the Inlight Acne Protocol, you can save 22% on all of them. When you buy the cleanser, floral tonic, Super Food Mask and the Deep Moisturizer, you save a whopping 22% on your order. As always, your US order will ship for free. Don’t deal with those acne breakouts any longer. Use Inlight, 100% organic skin care to love your skin today.

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